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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another one bites the dust

According to puck-rakers Joakim Lindstrom - a 2002 2nd round pick - has been dealt to the Anaheim Ducks for a conditional draft pick in 2009.

The pick will be determined by how many games Lindstrom plays with the Ducks during the 2008-09 season. It could be as high as a fourth-round pick or as low as a seventh-round pick.

Lindstrom is a 24 year old winger who has played in 23 NHL games notching 3g and 7p. According to Lindsay Kramer over on the Crunch blog Lindstrom was going to play in Europe this season -- with this news of the trade I'm sure that will change.

Lindstrom could never really find his permanent place in the Columbus lineup. In his 2 full years with the Crunch he put up solid numbers scoring 43p in 64g and last season notching 48p in 50g. Unfortunately he's been unable to translate his AHL success at the NHL level.

The problem to me is his skating. He just doesn't seem to have that extra step required to create offensively at the NHL level. In Anaheim he should get another opportunity to crack an NHL lineup and that all important change of scenery.

Obviously with the additions of MacDonald, Vigitlante and the re-signing of MacKenzie the Jackets were moving forward without Lindstrom. Now with his trade who knows they may go out and sign another AHL veteran to bolster that offense.

Good luck Joakim.

Howson continues to turnover this franchise. Lets take a quick look at the departed since he's taken over:

Adam Foote, Sergei Fedorov, Jody Shelley, David Vyborny, Curtis Glencross, Geoff Platt, Duvie Westcott, Nikolai Zherdev, Dan Fritsche, Gilbert Brule, Ron Hainsey, Joakim Lindstrom, Zenon Konopka

Whew - that is quite the body count.

According to my season ticket rep the NHL schedule will be released tomorrow. I've read in other places however that the NHL will just release the highlights on Wednesday and the full schedule on Thursday.

According to the Jackets have signed Steve Kelly. Kelly is a 31 year old 6'2" 210 lb center spent last season with the Minnesota Wild AHL affiliate Houston Aeros. He scored 10g 28p in 48g. Kelly had 2 NHL games last year with no point.

Sportsnet's take:

Has speed to burn and a wealth of experience at lower levels. Plays a sound game in the defensive zone and is a solid teammate.

Never lived up to expectations, after being selected sixth overall in 1995. Lacks hockey sense and offensive creativity.

Career potential
Reserve center.

So the Lindstrom domino falls and the Jackets quickly replace him with Kelley. Interesting that he's a 6th overall pick who didn't quite pan out. We certainly have some experience with that.

I would imagine this is a 1 year 2-way deal but we should find out soon.

Kelly gives Syracuse more scoring punch and veteran presence while giving the Jackets some more depth to chose from when injuries strike.

Discuss - sad to Lindstrom go or just another step in the make over?



Erik said...

Quite honestly, as a fan I never saw Lindstrom as an NHL level player. He just didn’t have the skill and ability to make an impact on any line. However this kid is a great AHL player just didn’t have the goods for the big League. Maybe in Anaheim he will become a solid 3rd/4th liner, you never know. Personally I am more worried about LeClaire, I have mentioned this before but, this is now really starting to look like a Foote negotiation. (One that drags on and on and on)… I know that with Huet’s big salary and the CBJ desperately needing LeClaire, the agent feels like he can squeeze out every last penny.. but this is getting ridicules…someone please tell Meehan to settle already… are they counting on RFA-offers to jack up LeClaire’s pay ??

Erik said...

Mich. bank sues Sergei Fedorov over unpaid loans

jeff said...

in response to erik.....i agree that Lindstrom was probably not going to be an NHL-level player. Kudos to Howson for continuing to make far as the LeClaire situation, is anybody else getting sick and tired of situations like this where it seems as though agents are just getting in the way in the interest of securing a bigger payday for themselves instead of just getting a player signed? granted, we are not privy to what LeClaire has or has not authorized Meehan to accept, but this is getting ridiculous!

colin said...

To me, i never saw lindstrom really making an impact and the NHL level. so any thing we can do to obtain draft picks and add depth to this franchise to me has to be looked at as a huge positive, even though we will probably only get about a 6th or 7th rounder out of this. With LeClaire, im sure his agent is just trying to get the most money he can out of the jackets but theres no doubt we will have him signed, most likely within a couple weeks.

markislander said...

Don"t know much on Lindstrom but if these picks help us i guess take them, if he is not going to fit in let him go.For LeCaire don"t blame him for trying to get as much as he can everyone is doing it but he will sign soon and CBJ will pay it.

Anonymous said...

I am not worried about Leclaire. He will get done. It is only a matter of time since he didn't file for arbitration.

Matt said...

Methot and Picard are resigned, too.

2 way, 1 year deals.