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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stat(s) of the day (6-pack ed.)

Just a few quick hitters from the action since the draft:

1 Stanley Cup ring added in Mike Commodore (won in 2006 with Carolina)

2 former orginal Jacket 1st draft picks traded in Zherdev and Brule. If you count the #19 overall that makes 3

3 former 1st round pcks acquired since the draft in Umberger, Torres & Backman

3 former 2nd round picks acquired since the draft in Huselius, Commodore & Tyutin

4 players trades or moved on via UFA in Brule, Zherdev, Fritsche & Hainsey

5.1 NHL seasons the average amount of the 6 new faces

6 new faces (dubbed the 6-pack) in Umberger, Torres, Commodore, Tyutin, Backman & Huselius

6ft. 2in the average height of the 6-pack

7 players gone from the roster that suited up against Montreal the day before the trade deadline - Fedorov, Foote, Vyborny, Hainsey, Zherdev, Brule, Tarnstrom...Fritsche would make 8 but he didn't play

8 fights Mike Commodore had last season

26.8 the average age of the 6-pack

206 lbs the average weight of the 6-pack

218 hits Fedor Tyutin had last season

4,015,000 million dollars shipped out in trade

16,550,000 million dollars added in payroll thus far (not including Umberger)



Anonymous said...

Torres was also in the Cup final with Edmonton vs. Carolina, but Commodore went to the cup final with the flames vs. the Bolts in '04 I'm pretty sure.

All of the guys we have added have been in playoffs which is experience that we really need.

Anonymous said...

There are rumors out of Ottawa of a Vermette deal with Columbus. They may be looking for a young D and a pick/prospect. I would love to see Vermette come to Columbus, I just hope Howson hangs on to Klesla. I wasn't a big Rusty fan early on but I think he has proved himself as a reliable competitor that fits into the Hitch system.

Any thoughts on Vermette and how likely does this sound??

Mike D.

Anonymous said...

The vermette deal seems to be nothing but rumors. It looks like we are done on D. Furthermore it looks like Howsen will wait for the teams that need to shed players for salary cap reasons... Does anyone have a list of players that might be on the move when the cap hits ?? It looks like, and I could be wrong, that we are looking for 1 more top 6 center or forward... BTW when is the deadline...

Sean said...

TSN has all the important up and coming dates for Free Agency, arbitration, maybe right on their NHL homepage.

Matt said...

Dispatch is reporting that Peca may come back, too. I really like it - I know he was pretty POd at the end of last season, but part of the reason was he felt like the club gave up on itself.

If he's coming back, it's because he believes in what this offseason has done for us.

I know a lot of people are penciling Torres on the top line, but Torres and Peca were big pieces of a SERIOUS shutdown / energy line for the Oil, too, when they made their cup run.

This could be real solid.

LTL said...

Good point Sean about Peca's desire to come back now after he's seen the moves the org has made.

I actually just finished commenting on it in my latest post as well.

That should certainly tell us all something about the quality of changes Howson has made the past few days.

With Peca back in the fold I think we could call this offseason a wrap -- just need to get Leclaire and Umberger locked down.