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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jackets to share ECHL affiliate with Ottawa?

According to Kevin Lee over on there is speculation that the Ottawa Senators will share an affiliation with the ECHL Elmira Jackels with the Jackets. Apparenlty this was the case last year as well (news to me):

One little tidbit that I was able to find out is that the Sens are very close to signing an agreement with the Elmira Jackels in the ECHL. I first reported this possibility back on May 21st in a blog here at It is still not known if the Sens will share the Jackels with the Columbus Blue Jackets as they did last year. Regardless, having this affiliate will allow the Sens to keep a few more players that they drafted in the system rather than losing them if they are unable to stick with their AHL affiliate in Binghamton.

For those of you still holding out hope for Vermette Lee also talks a little bit about his current situation:

Murray doesn't want to budge on his two year offer to Vermette. He is seeking a four year deal, similar to that of Chris Kelly but for more money per season. If Vermette ends up going to arbitration I would say it is very unlikely that he finishes the season in a Sens uniform. Murray feels that with some of the young talent progressing in the Sens system that he doesn't want to be on the hook for another long term contract when a younger player and at a cheaper price could very well take Vermette's spot at some point in the next few years.

It really sounds like Vermette's time in Ottawa is coming to a close. I can't see him signing a two year deal when he can look around the league as easy as any of us and see what guys are getting whom put up similar numbers. Heck look no further than our own RJ Umberger. Looks like he's on a crash course to arbitration and as Lee alludes to that will give him a 1 year deal and then he'll most likely be dealt by the deadline.

There is another story here on Vermette. Apparently his arbitration hearing is set for tomorrow. That article offers up this juicy nugget:

Vermette's name has also been mentioned in a number of trade rumours, including swaps with Toronto (for Pavel Kubina), Vancouver (Ryan Kesler or Sami Salo), Chicago, Columbus and Florida.

Contrary to what I've read from some Ottawa fans who say Murray wants back a young mobile defensemen in return for Vermette this article says that:

Murray is not going to be trading Vermette if he has to take back more money in return.

Considering Vermette only made 1.07 million dollars you aren't going to find many young mobile defensemen making less than that (although Russell's name certainly comes to mind). That statement leads me to beleive he can be had for draft picks and/or prospects.

If that is what Ottawa is willing to receive back in a trade perhaps there may be a deal to be made there from a Columbus perspective.

Better yet, what if the arbitrator's award was too big and Ottawa walks away from it thus allowing Vermette to become a unrestricted free agent? I just can't see that happening.

The most likely scenario is for Ottawa to accept the arbitrator's decision and either 1. trade him right away or 2. trade him in-season and most certainly by the deadline.
..and nope, I wouldn't trade Russell for him. I know a lot probably would but I really think this kid is going to be a player for us.

Speaking of Umberger -- if you haven't caught it yet check out for a nice QA session with him. Nothing really new or groundbreaking in the interview but if gives us our frist extended look at him off the ice. Now I can't wait to see what he can bring on it.

Mark Parrish of the Minnesota Wild will be bought out according to this article. What a blow to a guy who grew up in Minnesota who just two short seasons ago chose the Wild as his UFA destination - this business can certainly be cruel.

Parrish is a 31 year old right wing who notched 16g for 30 points in 66 games for the Wild last season. Unfortunatley for the Jackets that would have put him 3rd in goal scoring on their team.

Sportsnet's take:

Thinks like a goal-scorer and is willing to pay the price in front of the net to score goals. Skates well and plays with feistiness. Is capable of lining up on either side of center.

Is only average in the defensive zone. Still drifts too much and needs to focus more on playing 60 minutes every night.

Career potential
Top six winger.

The knock on him is that he's lost a step since coming to Minnesota.

Parrish is similar to Glen Murray in that I'm sure he'll find a job but he'll have to take a pay cut. Again for the Jackets I just can't see them being all that interested as they have wingers of their mold. Perhaps if he comes at less than a million dollars but I have to think that if they add anyone else it will be down the middle or defense.

I will say this. If a Parrish or Murray are still available come camp and its clear the Jackets need more help up front or a key injury occurs never say never.



Erik said...

Excellent post LTL, keep up the great work. I agree with you assessment that Knuble and Parrish are probably of limited interest to the CBJ, unless of course they can setup a good deal.

Regarding Vermette, all the rumors have been Vermette for a d-man.. However I am more inclined to believe that the Sens are perhaps even more interested in Picks and Prospects. If that would be the case the CBJ have an advantage. My gut feeling is that we will hear of some CBJ rumors regarding Vermette in the near future. Although let’s be realistic, chances are he will not be a Jacket in the near future.

Anyways, LTL&Readers are we getting nervous yet about LeClaire?? What if Leclaire is absolutely unwilling to budge and creates a Foote scenario??? I know every CBJ fan wants to keep LeClaire despite his questionable health record..

So I am proposing (because it is a slow news week) to discuss the possibilities of trade with LeClaire… what are our trade options…. Anybody have a wish list?? Is Mason ready to step up?? Please provide your speculations… and please Meehan settle the deal already….

Slash said...

Filppppppulllla or however you spell it just got a 5 year 15 million dollar deal. Vermette could easily get over 4.

Ottawa could very well be interested in picks because their prospect pool isn't that deep. Every few years good teams have to trade players for picks to replenish. Just as they did to get Spezza.

The money would be my only concern. I'd trade our 1st now, hoping that it would lose value as the season goes on. Sell high. Picks also don't buy as much at the deadline AKA the NHL's second silly season. Our first rounder could net a player like ummm Adam Foote.

I like that we are name dropped there, unless they get rumors off of HFboards, there must be something to it.

Erik said...

Unfortunately the Flippula deal means nothing... The Wings always get a hometown discount.. It basically means Flippula should have been paid 5years/20+mil.

Damn those wings..

Slash said...

nah, Flippula hasn't done much to earn that big of a deal. Vermette has done much more so Vermette should get much more.

Flippula is getting that deal on potential. He can live up to it, but I doubt there is many teams willing to give him 4 million.

If you think the Flippula is a 4 million player then Vermette is a 5+ in comparison

dan said...

I think Kevin Lee is full of crap (again). Elmira was only affiliated with Columbus last year from everything I've seen. Wasn't this the guy who kept crying trade wolf about various Sens a few weeks back?

Erik said...

Leclaire Signs

Goaltender Pascal Leclaire has signed a three-year contract worth $11.4 million with the Blue Jackets, The Dispatch has learned.

The deal will pay Leclaire $3 million this season, $3.6 million in 2009-10 and $4.8 million in 2010-11.

More later.

-- Aaron Portzline

markislander said...

Leclaire better stay healthy.