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Sunday, July 27, 2008

No 3rd jerseys for the Jackets?

Just read an interesting article over on Hockeybuzz from Howard Berger. He lists all the teams that he knows will introduce 3rd jerseys next season and surprise -- the Jackets are not on the list.

Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Carolina, Chicago, Dallas, Edmonton, Los Angeles, New York Islanders, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Jose, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Toronto & Vancouver are all confirmed to be introducing a 3rd jersey this coming season.

That is 18 of the league's 30 teams.

Perhaps Columbus won't introduce one this year which would surprise me given the success of their previous 3rd jersey and given the extra revenue it would generate. Perhaps they want to wait a year to give their new design and logo more time to "brand". Perhaps they are keeping their 3rd jersey plans closely guarded.

If and when they do introduce a new 3rd its going to be real hard to top the new design they introduced last year which to me was equivalent to knocking it out of the park.

If they were to introduce one using their civil war hat shoulder logo as a primary on the 3rd wouldn't be a bad way to go. Or they just may come up with a new design all together -- cannon anyone?

I've also posted a couple of concept logo designs found at this site.

Discuss - do you think the Jackets should introduce a 3rd jersey this season?



Anonymous said...

I'm okay with them not going with a third this year. The logo is still fairly new and I think it is important to not screw with the fan base too much more. A third jersey might piss people off.

Design: something with the cannon and the hat would be cool. Hat patch on the front, and a cannon on the shoulder? Something like that.

They are going to be wearing a patch commemorating JHM this year.

Opening night is going to be an emotional one for me. For one, I am going to be so excited and proud of the new team. Aslo the whole tribute to JHM is going to be tough.

Anonymous said...

It's kinda hard to beat your last 3rd jersey outing. It went over so well, they made it the primary!

There's no knowing where they'll go with a third. I'm not all too crazy with the hat logo as a primary, but a cannon would be pretty cool.

What about color? I know some folks on the HFBoards were trying to push Red, which makes absolutely no sense. Think they'll go Black and Blue again?

Alex said...

I love thirds, but for our beloved Jackets, I just don't see anything that could "wow" people like the current threads the team rolled out last season. They're very clean looking, in my opinion, the best in the league. I would think an obnoxious third jersey (yes, some have been obnoxious) would take away from the superb default home/roads we have. BTW: I loathe the use of dark jerseys at home. Go back to white at home and dark on the road!

Matt said...

We -finally- got respectable primary and road jerseys. :D Let's not mess with a good thing.

Anonymous said...

not yet

nick said...

Enough of the civil war stuff! If they do go with a 3rd, make it something completely different but simple.

Max said...

Stinger makes a comeback?!

Ok ok, before everyone tries to track me down and kill me, I'm just kidding. But I will say I was always a fan of Stinger on the shoulders.

I'm glad we aren't coming out with a new 3rd Jersey. As has been said before, why mess with a good thing? I saw someone make a demo for a video game of a 3rd jersey using the shoulder patch. I've got to say it looked kind of crummy. A red jersey might be intriguing, but we'd have to wear blue pants. All in all, I love our new logo (still hate the damn Reebok jerseys) and don't want to see anything change. Except maybe a couple more stars up the sleeve...

Erik said...


Interesting article on THN

Basically the writer is predicting that the Preds will join the AVS at the bottom in the west. Personally I wouldn’t bet on it, however I sure hope so.
Of course the writer had to throw in the following nugget:

“But for now, the Predators look like an average team that got worse in the off-season. Several teams that finished behind Nashville made significant additions and are on the upswing, namely Chicago, Edmonton and Phoenix. And I’m putting lots of virtual money on Vancouver and Columbus making the jump over the Preds as well.”

Once again the CBJ are an afterthought, can’t wait for the season to start… gives me even a bigger reason to despise the Hawks, Yotes and Oilers….

jf said...

Nice post LTL.

I like the hat better than the cannon profile. Wonder what the cannon would look like pointed straight on at you? And I like the current OhioFlag better than the hat. I do like the RED shoulders, however. And "red" was part of some civil war uniforms, including artillery units. So it's not unreasonable.

Anonymous said...

I like the whole civil war identity. We are only just beginning to utilize it properly. Seriously, Stinger is a cute mascot but is a YELLOW JACKET and has nothing really to do with us. It is further evidence that the past regime was just grasping at anything, and not really going full bore in anything.

mike said...

going to tat icethetics site, the guys previous uniform site before he switched to that had a bunch of jersey designs, and in one with cbj, he had a cannon logo up where it was a lot more detailed and pointing at ppl.  it was quite nice, and put up on a jersey, it looked to have serious potential to be a good 3rd. jersey

pinion9 said...

I think we wait a year, or maybe until we make the playoffs, for the 3rd jersey. Suggestion though, what about a cannon angled slightly but shooting straight on at you, with the "cannon ball" being the cbj flag logo. Just a thought. I'd love to see the cannon worked in some way, even if it is a patch on the shoulder.

LTL said...

Hey Mike - point me to that link and I'll add the picture of the logo to the post.


mike said...

here ya go, just have to scroll down a little.

Anonymous said...

im fine with us not having a third jersey this year, as i think out current set is one of the sharper designs in the EDGE era. however, if we do a 3rd in the future i would like the cannon on the shoulders somehow with a civil war version in the style of this logo from the kitchener rangers:

Furukawa tomo said...

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