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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What gives with Brule recall?

Lindsay Kramer reported over on the Crunch blog that Gilbert Brule has been recalled by the Jackets. By most accounts Brule has been average at best...especially for a #6 overall pick who is touted to be an "impact guy". He's collected 4g, 4a in 12 games. 3 of those goals came in one game.

Yet by all accounts Howson stuck to him promise that Brule would get recalled if he was playing well. Apparently 8 points in 12 games is playing well.

I don't buy it. Obviously with Shelley traded a roster spot opened up that enabled the Jackets to recall another player...but why Brule? Quite frankly I think this kid should spend the rest of year down on the farm.

There is only one explanation. The Jackets want to showcase this kid. They want to make a move to bolster this lineup and Brule could be a key part of a package to make that deal. After all the trade deadline is less than 21 days away.

Otherwise I don't see the point in calling this kid up to play 8 minutes a night...and don't fool yourselves as that is all this kid is going to see. Hitch won't rely on these kids (Brassard, Boll, Brule, Russell) to make or break this playoff push. He won't put that kind of unneeded pressure on them so early in their NHL development.

I hope the real explanation behind closed doors is to showcase. Otherwise I think we are wasting valuable development time letting this kid toil on the 4th line when he could be earning major minutes down on the farm.



Pub said...

Problem is he could be showcased better in Syracuse. I think bringing him up makes him look worse. He cant compete at the NHL level yet...period. This is an awful move.

Anonymous said...

I am not a big fan of Brule being recalled either. I don't think this kid is months or even a year or two away from 'getting it'. If bringing him to the NHL helps us get something for him in return, I am all for it. He has been the 'annointed one' for quite some time and I think his teammates (jackets that is) resent that and isn't fully accepted in the room. Get him up and get him out asap. Otherwise leave him where he is at. I am sure, however, that Howson has something up his sleeve and explored every option and situation and knows full well what his plan entails.