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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Live bloggin

Jackets outshoot Stars 31-16. Stars capitalize on their chances, Smith spectacula and while Norrena, who didn't play terrible, failed to make that "game changing" stop. That's 3 in a row Dallas has beat us. Shame to as the Jackets played hard road game.


Norrena pulled to try to work a mini miracle here and pot two in less than a minute..

Smith has killed us all game with stopping the puck on our dump ins.. its been very effective way for the Stars to stop our forecheck game...

Tell ya what.. the Stars trap better than we do... and their counter off those neutral zone turnovers is their bred and butter... these two teams really aren't that much different.. they've just gotten the better goaltending tonight which has been the difference..

Jackets kill off another penalty.. just over 4 mins left in the game....

Decent pressure but no dice....and now Z takes a penalty... things not lookin good in this game for the CBJ...

Nash draws a penalty.. Jackets back on the PK... if they want back in this one, its now or never time..

Friggan Stars stop that goin in with a skate... the kind of game its going for the Jackets..

How does that not go in... like to see the replay on that one... Smith looking like Roy.. .

Its hard to knock Norrena on any goal but we needed a big save there and haven't gotten that "big save" from him all game.. Smith has outplayed Norrena and it shows on the scoreboard..

GOD D*** IT! Tollefsen doesn't get it through... Stars counter with a 4 on 2 and once again score.. that's really 3 chances this game and the Stars have scored on all 3.... Tollefsen has been brutal this game...

Penalty killed..lets see if momemtum swings back the Jackets way... the bounces certainly aren't...nice chance there by Nash and Z...

Novotny with a nice chance there on the PK... dude is so dependable..

HUGE kill here..

Fight seems to have sparked the Stars a bit.. they've got the pressure now... great.. Jackets just took a penalt and are missing a stick..

Ahh..there it is.. Boll in a dust up... dude jsut had Boll in a headlock.. c'mon man up... friggan Ott running his mouth..

Nash back out with Brassard and Boll... next goal vitally important...

Seriously.. how did that not go in!!! Nice play by GlenX and Manny nonetheless... Smith there again.. damn that guy..

Jackets come out with great energy to start the third here...


Jackets outshooting stars a whopping 22-7..... to think we are down in the game... gotta expect the Stars to really pick it up here in the 3rd... hate to say it but the Jackets need to play an even better 3rd to milk a point or 2 out of this cow.


Z has just doubled his total goal output from last season in just 47 games..

Nice feed by Chimera as well..

Trying to get to pretty there.. Novotny has to shoot.. need an ugly goal.. and there it is ZZZZZZ!!!! Dude is on fire.. that is a huge late period goal!

Novotny to Z.. great chance..great shot... Smith there again.. just get the feeling we aren't gonna be able to solve this guy... shutout, shutout, shutout (let me get that out of the way)..

Brassard with some nice chances.. this kid is gonna get one real soon.. Smith looking like Brodeur.....

Jackets with more pressure.. really it unbelievable how this team is down by 2 they way they are playing... Brassard finally draws the first PP for the Jackets... of course they are going up against the #1 pp...

Holy defensive breakdown... Stu Barnes left wide open in front of the net... what in the hell was Tollefsen doin over by Methot... totally out of position... that one hurts.. Jackets have outplayed this team yet are down 2-0... 2 goals off of 5 shots... and nothing Norrena could do about it..

Smith is good at stopping that puck behind the net.. Jackets need to carry it in with possession and look for chances off the rush.

With all that pressure... how have the Stars not taken a penalty.. seriously.. if htat were the Jackets hemmed in like that for that long there would have been some kind of penatly..

Great pressure by the Jackets.. I can't believe they haven't scored.. Nash with another near highlight reel goal... Modin with another missed net..

Z with magic... Novotny with a great chance.. .again Smith with the save...

Oh what a save by Smith on Nash.. awesome feed by Boll there...

Decent start to the second so far. Keep the pressure on boys!


Jackets out shoot them 7-3 but are down 1-0. After a slow first 5 they woke up. They keep playing like this a couple will fall for them. Lets see if they can overcome being down a goal again.


Halpren line really checking Nash line tough in first period.. I think its obvious what their assignment is.. don't let 61 beat us.. make the other Jackets do it.

Dallas got that dreaded first goal... lets hope it doesn't sink us...

Dallas PP strong.. there they are seeting up Ribeiro behind the net... they are watchin Morrow in the slot... so they learned for the past two games against these guys.. penalty killed but Stars controlled most of it..

Glencross with the offensive zone penalty... not good.. line was hustling and GlenX took needless penalty.. Stars have 8th best PP... can't have those penalties in offensive zone..

Modin looking good.. but two prime chances thus far but missed the net both times... I'll chalk it up to rust..

OKT has got to be better there.. no need to ice that puck when you so close to the red line.. that's the biggest knock against Tolelfsen..he's decision making with the puck.. he panics with it a lot.. and there's a goal -- that was all off Tollefsen's icing.. it all started there...

Saw a glimps of Brassard's speed there to nullify icing.. looks better and better every game.. kid has the skill set no doubt about it.

Another nice shift.. Z making things happen.. Novotny is due for a goal.. I love the way he's played this year.

Also late breaking word is that Westcott cleared waivers....assigned to Syracuse. Fedorov is also out -- "groggy" is what they said. So just as the Jackets were getting healhty both Feds and Hainsey hit the IR. Such is life in an 82 game season I guess.. Would be nice to see this team at 100% health at some point.

Like that shift there by the Brassard line.. Boll is definitely gonna drop them in this one..just get that feeling..

Dallas can hit can't they.. very physical team.

Now that is what we missed..great shift there by Modin and LOVE his puck shielding ability.. guys uses his big body better than anyone.. Jackets turning it up now.

That was in interesting stat Rimmer threw out there.. the Jackets are 4-0 with Brassard in the lineup... of course no points yet for him but I love that dynamic he gives us on the PP. nice poise and soft stick.

Slow start for the Jackets 4 minutes in. Dallas controlling the play.


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