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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jackets do everything but win

The Jackets outshot the Dallas Stars 30-14. The dominated periods of that game. Unfortuantely Stars goaltender Mike Smith was there to standing on his head as the Jackets threw everything but the kitchen sink at him.

..and so the night went for the Jackets. They played hard, they played their game but were not rewarded. The Stars capitalized off the few chances they had and came out with a 3-1 victory.

Lit it up

Stars goaltender Mike Smith who stopped 29 of 30 shots. He stole these two points for the Stars. Sometimes you just run into a hot goaltender and Smith showed us yesterday how a goalie can steal a game on his own.

The Jackets. Really, they controlled most of this game. They deserved the win but were outplayed by a goaltender.

Dim the light

While not playing horrible, Freddy Norrena failed to make that "game saving" save. All 3 goals the Stars scored were of the high quality variety. However when a goaltender like Mike Smith is playing as strong as he was Norrena has to match that, especially when seeing on 14 shots.

Freddy Modin. Looked fantastic in his first game back. Really controlled the puck well in the corners using that big body of his. Need him to hit the net on his shots but I'll give him a pass on his first game back.

Z with his 3rd goal in as many games. Now has doubled his total from last year with 20.

Jackets PP scored another goal against the #1 PK in the league.

Jackets PK killed off all 4 chances the Starts had on their PP.

The Jackest outshot the Stars in every single period to give you an idea of how they really took it to this team for a full 60. Just didn't get rewarded on the scoreboard.

Interesting that the top four +/- players on this team are Hejda (+11), Hainsey (+6), Klelsa (+6), Foote (+5). Subsequently they are our top 4 d-men.

Busted bulbs

OK Tollefsen was brutal. Puck-rakers breaks it down different than what I saw.

On the first goal the team was caught on an icing that Tollefsen needlessly made. He was one foot from the red line but ice it. You have to be smarter than that. Subsquently the guys were caught in an extended shift (since they couldn't change) and the Stars scored off the ensuing face off.

On the second goal both defensemen were caught on the same side of the ice. In Tollefsen's defense he did have a guy but rarely do you see both defensemen in one corner like that. It was a defensive breakdown now whether it was OKT or a forward who left that guy open I'll leave to Hitch.

On the third goal Tollefsen failed to read the play and see that all 3 forwards were pressuring down low so instead of ringing the puck he lobbed a softy right at the pack and before you knew it the Stars blocked it and transitioned for a 4 on 2 that sealed the Jackest fate. There is a reason he was the only player with a -3 on the night.

OKT wasn't the reason the Jackets lost this game but he was the worst player on the ice for the Jackets.

Jackets have got to find a way to beat a team that has 4 regulars out of its lineup including Zubov and Boucher from the points.

Kris Russell is now a team worse -13. I think this kid is starting to hit the wall. May be time to soon to give him a rest or let him take a break in the minors for a bit and given Aaron Rome a look.

3 bright lights on the night

1. The Jackets battled and battled hard
2. Nik Zherdev - 3 goal in as many games, now has 20 on the year - guy is playing lights out hockey
3. Mike Smith - got to give this guy credit, he was the difference out there for the Stars

This is a loss that easier to stomach than most b/c the team worked so hard out there. A few defensive breakdowns and a hot goalie and that was the game right there.

Things don't get an easier as the Jackets face the Avalanche tonight in Colorado. The Avalanche did not play last night and they are one tough team at home - 16-6-1 - Jackets have their work cut out for them on a back to back.


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