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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Darth Vader arrives

"We know what's coming," Hitchcock said. "We've got Darth Vader coming to town (tonight)."

That quote was from Hitch in this morning's Dispatch.

12 games. That's how many times the Nashville Predators have beaten the Columbus Blue Jackets straight.

Keys to lighting em up

First and foremost. Throw records, points streaks, systems, coaches away... Put all of that aside. It doesn't matter. The Jackets have to find a way to put this team away. Ugly, pretty, blowout, early win, late win, overtime win, shooutout win. It doesn't matter how just get two points and end this streak.

Consistancy. The Jackets need to play exactly like they played last night versus St. Louis (minus the penalties of course). Need that same edge. The question is coming off an emotional win last night can the Jackets sustain it? They better if they want to beat the Predators.

Battle of the special teams. The Jackets PK has slipped a bit lately, its now ranked 5th. They also have the 26th best powerplay in the NHL. The Preds are similar. They have the 7th PK and 24th best PP. Whomever wins the battle of the special teams wins.

Score first (given). It didn't bite them last night but this team plays much better when scoring first.
Both teams coming off wins. The Jackets played last night, the Preds didn't. Will the Preds have more energy? If the Jackets want to win the better not.
Rick Nash and Z. These guys have to lead our offense. They have to be the keys towards getting over this slump against the Preds.

With the way this team has struggled on the road they need the two points at home again tonight to stay in the mix. Every game from here on out is a must - no nights off - but with the lack of home games over the next two months they become even more important.

Should be a fun one tonight. I've been sounding this horn for a while, but the Jackets are do. See ya'll at the RBar for pre-game!

May the force be with them!


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