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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Jackets take early lead, hang on to win 3rd in a row!

It looked like this one may be a blowout early as the Jackets quickly went up off of two powerplay goals but the Vancouver Canucks battled back to tie the game. Jason Chimera scored the game winner to put the Jackets up for good on his late 2nd period goal -- that goal was incredibly timely and was the 2nd in 3 games for 25.

Lit it up

Best two forwards tonight for me were Zherdev and Novonty. Zherdev continues his amazing play this year collecting an assist and goal but what really sold me on his game was his play in all 3 zones...and how about that blocked shot at the end? Novonty went scoreless and its a shame he was a -1 but he really stood out to me. He was everywhere tonight in all three zones...he was hitting, creating, skating hard, winning battles in the corner... I thought he was a huge part of this win.

Leclaire. What else can you say about this guy. Tonight he was better than Luongo (remember the same Luongo who said multiple times last year "we have to beat a team like Columbus"). He stopped 25 of 27 shots and one of the goals he let in was a 5-3 that he had no chance on. He also made some very underrated saves at the end to seal the win.

Speed line strikes again. Had good pressure all night...some momentum changing hits..and of course the goal by Chimera where each guy on that line collected an assist.

You know what I really liked about this was a complete team effort. Even more it just seemed like the guys were making smart passes...they weren't bobbling pucks or making bad turnovers...they weren't getting caught on odd man rushes...they were covering for each other...sticking up for each other (how about Z showing Burrows away from Leclaire?)...they did bend some, especially when the Sedin line was out there, but they didn't break.

Jackets won the battle of the special teams. They got two PP goals (yes they scored first!) and allowed only one PP goal off that 5 on 3 (which was a pathetic call I'll get more into later). The powerplay looked especially good....loved the poise and calm stick Brassard showed back there on that point -- you can certainly see the kid's skill.

Dim the light

Did not like how the Jackets gave up a 2 goal lead or how the Sedin line dominated the Nash line...those are definitely learning areas.

Thought tonight was an off night for 61. Just looked gassed to me. He did lead all forwards in ice time so maybe that is just to many minutes for him. Need him to convert on that breakaway - that was a key moment in the game and could have really cooled Vancouver as they were coming on strong there in the 2nd.

Really like Mike Peca's game tonight as well. That line of Novotny - Peca - Zherdev is really playing well lately.

Got to give some props to those Sedins. They work so well together and are harder than hell to knock off the puck. At times they just dominated us.

Drew 7 penalties tonight. Good energy from the boys.

Defense was good all around. Klesla had some nice plays and seems to be jumping in the play alot. Hejda-Foote bent a little but did what they needed to do... Hainsey had a sweet play to keep it in the zone on the PP and scored that all important first goal... Methot and Russell did their thing and moved the puck well together.

Busted bulbs

Excuse me but what in the **** was that delay of game call on Vyborny. H-O-R-R-B-L-E call. How can a guy deflect a puck into the crowd and get called for delay of game. Not only was that call rediculous but it gave the Canucks a free pass for an extended 5 on 3 in which they scored. Hitch doesn't hang around usually to talk to the refs, but he hung around after the second to say his piece. NHL refs have to be better than that. Good sign that the Jackets fought threw the refs and Canucks.

Crowd looked light. Fans are missing out on a helluva ride this year.

Way to much stress at the end of the game for ole LTL! I know I'm getting a bit greedy but it would be nice to really blow out a team at one point this season....that said, a wins a wins. The heart is taking a beating though!

How many teams right about now are wishing they would have traded for Zherdev this summer for next to nothing?

3 bright lights on the night

1. Nik Zherdev - 1g, 1a, blocked shots, physical...amazing game again by 13
2. Team game - that was a team win tonight
3. 6 in a row - Jackets set a record for 6 win straight at home

Lots of teams playing tonight so its gonna be tough call on where the Jackets could sit tomorrow but at 22-18-6 the Jackets absolutely did what they needed to do on this home stand and that's win all three. They are hanging right in this fight and with the team finally getting healthy, they have a real shot to take this momentum with them on this 5 game road trip that kicks off in Phoenix on Thursday.

Hell of a win Jacket fans! We've certainly got ourselves a team we can be proud of this year! Spread the word!


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Anonymous said...

Hitch hung around after the second period to understand if they were reviewing the possible goal that occurred seconds before the end of the period.