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Friday, January 18, 2008

Westcott done as a Blue Jacket?

It appears so as Puck-rakers is reporting that he has been put on waivers.

All teams will have a chance to claim him but that is unlikely considering his contract. If he passes through he can be assigned to Syracuse and/or brought up on re-entry waivers which would allow a team to claim him at half his salary.

Regardless of if he's claimed or not we'll probably never see him on the big team again. If he's not claimed he'll play out the remainder of the year for Syracuse and then will likely be bought out for 75% of his deal under the terms of the CBA.

Its a real shame. Wescott has just never been the same player he was before his concussion. If you remember that concussion came courtesy of Jamal Mayers as Duvie was sticking up for Sergei Fedorov after he has flattened in a open ice hit.

With Ron Hainsey out a couple of games its likely OK Tollefsen will return to the lineup. I also would not rule out the possibility of a guy like Aaron Rome getting recalled from Syracuse as everything I hear he has been playing very well down on the farm.

I don't anticipate a trade quite yet as there is still a lot of time before the deadline but I'm certain GM Scott Howson would add a d-man if its the right fit. Like I said though, that may be a few weeks out still.

The purge of Doug MacLean's players continues. Westcott wasn't the first (that honor goes to Aaron Johnson) and he certainly won't be the last.

Frankly, I wouldn't get attached to any player not named Nash, Zherdev or Leclaire at this point. Even with this team being 5 games above .500 I get the sense many more changes to the roster will be coming. Some by the deadline and others in the offseason.

..and that's okay. As long as they are smart moves that build a consistent winner I really don't care what name is on the back of the jersey.

So back to Duvie. One of the classiest thing I've ever heard from an NHLer was what this guy did for him mom after he signed his new contract -- he took the first check and paid of her house. That tells you alot about this guy.

Good like Westcott. Hopefully you land on your feet elsewhere in the league.


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