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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jackets make game of it, can't solve San Jose

After being down 3-0 early in the 3rd the Jackets made a game of it by scoring two goals in the span of just over 2 minutes. Alas, the 3 goal lead was to much to overcome and the Jackets fall once again to the Sharks 3-1.

The Jackets are now 1-2 on this road trip with their final game of the trip coming this Tuesday against the St. Louis Blues.

Lit it up

Andrew Murray. The 2001 8th round pick scored his 2nd goal in just his 3rd ever game. He only played just under 11 minutes but this kid is making a difference out there. He keeps the game really simple, uses his speed and gets shots to the net. There are a number of players on this team who could learn a thing or two from this guy.

San Jose's TV guys are first rate. Pleasure to listen to.

Sergei Fedorov. Guys is driving his trade stock right up with this late play. Seriously though, I think this was Sergei's best game of the year. Not just b/c he scored either. He had some great jump tonight, was hitting on passes and actually drove to the net to get this 2nd goal of the game for the Jackets. I haven't been a big fan of 91 this year but credit where credit is due last night. Maybe playing with the kids like Murray and Lindstrom just energizes this guy.

Jackets held Joe Thornton pointless. You do that and you should beat this team.

Jackets played a hard physical road game. They hung hit for hit with the Sharks (we has 26 versus their 28).

Jackets only took 1 penalty. Most of the time, a team should win when staying out of the box like they did last night.

Dim the light

Jackets made of a game of it. Which is more than I thought would happen after they went down 3-0. A couple of breakdowns and some lucky bounces (could Bernier get any more of a lucky bounce on his goal - was a nice finish though) was all it took for San Jose.

Another 1 goal game. Jackets have lost both road games by 1 goal. They are close but just not there yet. As Hitch says when you walk such a close line every game just a mistake here or there is the difference.

Secondary scoring steps up again. Fedorov and Murray with goals. Lindstrom and Fritsche collect assists.

Speaking of Lindstrom. Kid now has 5 points in 8 games. He is providing much needed offense and its not the kind of streaky type offense either we've seen from guys like Beech or Glencross -- the way he's playing to me just seems to be the way he's always gonna play. He's making smart NHL plays, playing decent D, even venturing into the dirty areas a bit. The second goal was a direct result of his decision to slap-pass the puck the Nash in front of the net on the PP which resulted in Feds poking home the goal. He's been a huge boost to the PP.

PP got another goal. Looked pretty solid again last night in terms of puck movement and chances.

Busted Bulbs

Nash and Z not getting it done on road trip. Nash has 1 point so far in 3 games. Zherdev has zero points. We need our best players to be our best players on these road games. Figures once some secondary scoring kicks in, these guys go into slumps.

Jackets were terrible on faceoffs. Won just 44% of them.

Gave up the first goal. I don't know what it is about this squad but when they have only one 3 games when giving up the first goal. Its almost like the Nashville situation -- its just in their heads now.

Leclaire out with illness. I hope to hear more on this today - sounds a little odd.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Andrew Murray - scored his 2nd goal to get the Jackets in this game
2. Lindstrom and Fedorov - more secondary scoring. Feds with 2nd goal in 2nd straight game. Lindstrom with 5 points in 8 games.
3. Jackets don't give up, make game of it in 3rd

A real bummer the Jackets couldn't pull at least a point out of this one. They still have won only once in San Jose.

The Jackets drop to 19-17-6 and to 3rd in the division as St. Louis won last night. With the next two games against St. Louis (home at home) its a real good opportunity for the Jackets to do some damage in their own division.


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