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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leclaire snubbed for All Star game

First in the league in shutouts with 7.

Second in voting for goaltenders in the West.

Third in the league in GAA with a 1.97

Fourth in the league in Save % with a .928

Twenty second in wins with 13.

What does that get you? Left out of the All Star game for your efforts.

I'm sorry but anyway you break this down Leclaire deserves to be there over Chris Osgood, Manny Legace or Evgeni Nabakov. The only thing those three best Leclaire in are wins and I think its safe to say you can put just about any goaltender behind the Wings and they'll have good stats.

If the league had to choose just one Blue Jacket (every team is required to have a representative) then it should have been Leclaire over Nash. He's made a much bigger impact on this team this year. The Nash selection is obviously a case of star power over who actually is having the better year.

Heck you can even argue Nik Zherdev has had a better year than Nash to this point.

The CBJ should just strap a Wings jersey on this guy and he'd be a shoe in........and is it really necessary to have 4 Red Wings in this game?

NHL got this one wrong, dead wrong, end of story. The selection committee should be embarrassed for their glaring favoritism.

This guy was voted 2nd by the fans...the fans!...and is totally left out of the game after Luongo, who was voted #1, pulled out? Apparently the fans voice counts only for #1.

What a joke.


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