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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Jackets try for a turkey

That Jackets wil look to make it 3 in a row (or a turkey which is 3 strikes in a row for you non-bowlers out there) on home ice as they take on the Vancouver Canucks who currently hold down the 5th playoff spot in the conference.

The Jackets, who currently sit 10th and just 3 points out of 8th position in the conference, its a chance to to win 3 straight since they won 4 in a row October 23rd to the 31st.

Keys to lighting em up

Don't let up. Yes, the Jackets finally beat the Preds. Yes, the Jackets played well at home over the weekend. That great but its time to look forward and get up for the next opponent in the Vancouver Canucks and put an extended streak together.

Solve Luongo. Yeah he's good but so is Leclaire. Over the same amount of games the Jackets have given up just 8 more goals than the Canucks. So we need Leclaire to play better than Luongo and just as important we need to get a couple by Luongo.

Score first. Yeah, yeah...we've been able to win the past two games even though we didn't score first.... still though, we play better when we do.

Be prepared for a tight game. Both teams are pretty close in goals for and goals against. I've already covered goals against the the teams are only seperated by 5 goals in the goals for category as well. Translation, this will be a close game and the team that makes the last mistake will most likely loose. Jackets need to play hard, agressive and smart hockey.

Special teams breakdown. Its interesting...the Canucks are 15th in the league in both PK and PP. The Jackets are 3rd in PK and 25th in PP. What does that say? The Canucks on any given night can beat you with either...but on any given night can lose on either as well. The Jackets most likely aren't gonna be you on the PP but most nights aren't gonna lose due to the opponents PP. If the Jackets can get a PP goal or two tonight the chances of victory drastically tip in their favor.

Fedorov back. He's been playing well lately. Jackets can actually feed off Fedorov boost tonight. Can't believe I'm saying that but he's got 7 points in his last 5 games and he's playing well in all 3 zones. He's looked especially good next to Nash.

Stop Sedins. Daniel and Henrick lead the Canucks in scoring with 44 and 45 points repsectfully. They are the catalyst for the Canucks' offense and to win, the Jackets have to limit their production. Markus Naslund is also having a decent year and is 3rd in scorind with 35 points, he needs closed down as well.

Feed off home crowd. This is the final home game before a 5 game stretch. The Jackets next home game is January 29th. They have a 5 game road trip and the All Star break before they'll be game in the friendly confines. Need to make this last game for a while count!


Should be a good one!

Go Jackets!


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Anonymous said...

I hope the Jackets aren't looking ahead to the road stretch. We don't need that anxiety to drag down their play tonight. We need them focused and energized. Hopefully the thrill of having the entire team back for practice including FreddyMo is motivation.