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Sunday, January 20, 2008

NHL on NBC kicks off today

The NHL on NBC kicks off today at 12:30 hockey fans. They are trying out this "flex schedule" where they basically have 3 games in which to choose from and then will pick the game in which they think will generate the biggest ratings for them a few weeks out.

Today its the Rangers versus the Bruins.

Of course you go to their website,, and absolutely no mention or promotion of the game. That after some great buzz built from the "Winter Classic" on New Years Day.

Heck I think this blog post is more than NBC has done to promote this game today.

This is the last year of a 3 year deal with NBC and if you ask me, NBC won't renew. Look for ESPN to get back into the mix with a ABC televising some playoff games with Versus (who I've loved by the way) still getting a piece of the pie.



Goaliemon89 said...

Yeah - only advertisement I've seen has been on NHL network...

Anonymous said...

ugh. versus is awful. please get hockey back on ESPN.