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Monday, January 7, 2008

Slow day in Jacket nation

Not much going on today in Jacket nation. There is a good new article posted up on regarding the Jackets and Hitch's impact. I like this quote a lot from Hitch:

"What makes us excited is we have a great opportunity this year to get in the playoffs, but we have a better opportunity down the line," Hitchcock said. "We're sitting on the potential for a huge turnaround."

Seriously though. If Hitch can keep this team in the hunt just imagine what he'll be able to do once Howson gets him the kind of players he knows he can win with....and he'll be able to grab some of those players and mold the team the way he and Hitch want with all the salary coming off the books this season.

Couple that with the talent they have in the pipeline and the fact that its finally developing the proper way and Jacket fans legitimately have a lot to look forward to in the coming years!

A couple more tidbits from the Puck-rakers blog:

- Andrew Murray isn't going anywhere. Translation, everyone has been pleased with his performance. How could you not? 2 goals in the 3 games and some strong speed and board play. This guy appears to be a "Hitch-type" guy through and through. Keep it up Murray.

- Leclarie is out for St. Louis. Obviously Norrena will get the start but who is the backup? According to Puck-rakers apparently the Jackets are looking into pulling Mason out of Juniors for a stretch. If not, it will have to be Goehring as both Poperlee and LaCosta are injured.

- Vyborny is back in against the Blues. So who sits? I sure hope its not Lindstrom (who has 5 points in 8 games) as it definitely sounds like its not Murray.

The Leclaire thing just doesn't make sense to me. I just get the feeling something is hiding behind that story. Maybe not, but it just sounds off.


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Matt said...

If rumors (and the lines from practice!) are to be believed, Boll will be getting scratched. Probably to let his hand heal.

I gotta wonder if the LeClaire illness might be arranged at the front office - the team's been showing problems about leaning on Pazzy and not playing as well when Freddy is in net. Maybe this is a way to force them to play hard regardless of the netminder.