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Friday, June 26, 2009

This and that

November 17, 2005. Remember that date?

Here is a refresher:

Ahh.. the city was buzzing after that one. I remember saying to myself if you would have told me that Jackets would have both Adam Foote and Sergei Fedorov in their lineup the season after the lockout I'd say you were nuts.

Of course it backfired as the problems with this franchise ran much deeper than a couple of over-the-hill "names" could fix. Lookin back though that move could be classified as Doug MacLean's final attempt to save his job in Columbus.

..and who knew Beauchemin would go on to develop into the player he became?

I bring this up because yesterday it became official that Fedorov's hall of fame NHL career basically came to a close as he signed a 2 year deal to play with Metallurg Magnitogorsk of the KHL.

Good luck to you Sergei.

So how about the news of the Jackets 2nd round pick from the '07 draft Will Weber getting busted for stealing a purse and underage drinking?

Weber claims it was by accident and that he thought it was his friend's purse.

Haha.. sure Will.

I'm the last guy that will criticize a young kid for going out and having some fun at/around college as certainly I have no room to talk. I'm sure this was just a case of making a bad decision in the moment.

We've all been there right?

The key is to learn from it and not to make the same mistake again. Like it or not athletes are always under the microscope more than the average joes out there and you have to be extra careful as to not draw attention for all the wrong reasons.

Weber will be just fine.

Finally I wanted to pass along an update about our favorite little hockey fan Coryn!

She will be in a production in Dublin titled "Dude! Where's My Hair?". The Dispatch has a fantastic article on the event:

Six Columbus-area children who've lost their hair to chemotherapy will share their stories Sunday of as part of a production to benefit the Hair Theater Wig Fund, which pays for wigs for those who lose their hair during treatment.

Halfway through her yearlong reign as Little Queen of the Jackson County Apple Festival, Coryn Lord learned that she had leukemia.

Her mother, Cathy Lord, had noticed bruises on her daughter's arms and legs and, after talking to a school nurse, took Coryn to see a doctor.

"I had joked that I was being overly cautious," said Mrs. Lord, of Jackson, Ohio. "When the doctor came back, I could tell by the look on her face that something was wrong."

The diagnosis came on Coryn's sixth birthday, in 2005.

What followed was 10 months of treatment, including chemotherapy. Coryn lost her long, wavy, chestnut-colored hair and had to use a skin adhesive to keep her Little Queen crown on her head during festival visits.

"I love my hair, so it was kind of rough for me," said Coryn, now 10. "It was scary."

Coryn's story -- from cancer and chemo to hair loss and recovery -- is among six to be told Sunday as part of a fundraising production at the Abbey Theater in Dublin.

The children themselves -- three girls and three boys ages 6 to 20 -- will take center stage in Dude! Where's My Hair?, a series of monologues with theatrical additions such as a guitar solo, a running skit about a lost wig and the Mexican Hat Dance.

You can read more from the Dispatch here.

I am told by Coryn's mom Kathy that "this show will be performed again in the fall and will have the support and backing of the CBJ Foundation as well as some player participation at that time."

As she keeps me updated I will certainly pass them along to all of you.

If you would like to learn more about Coryn and her family I had a post them a few months back. You can check that one out here.

...and not to worry Jared Boll -- I am also told by her mom that even though their summer is "busy, busy, busy"....they are "finding time to head to the draft party tonight to see the "son-in-law"".

Love it!


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