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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Could OSU and the CBJ play a double-header next season?

I just got the heads up that the Ohio State Men's Hockey schedule has been released (thx BHG). There are some certainly some highlights but the date that stands out the most to me is the following:

17 Saturday DENVER TBA Columbus, Ohio


What's interesting is that the Buckeyes host that same Denver team on Thursday October 15th but the venue clearly states "Value City Arena". So what's up with the TBA?

It's pure speculation on my part but a double header of Ohio State vs. Denver followed by the CBJ vs. whomever (hopefully the Avs) would make so much sense on so many levels.

Get the Ohio State band in the house.. Stinger and Brutus runnin around.... roll some highlightes of both teams and the major milestones they've achieved. Celebrate OSU players who have made the jump to the NHL. Lots of opportunities here.

The date is a Saturday and obviously since the NHL schedule is not yet released a formal announcement cannot be made hence the TBA.

The Ohio State Football team plays away on that date @ Purdue. Although admittedly even going up against Ohio State when they are on the road can be a dicey proposition.

Also The Basketball team's season won't start until November so that is a non factor.

Regardless of if this will come to fruition or not -- I've often wondered why the Ohio State hockey program and the CBJ didn't do more to cross promote one another? Perhaps this is a next step in taking their relationship to another level. If not, then its certainly an opportunity both sides should explore.

It just makes so much sense.

The Jackets can use the opportunity to market their game to the casual Ohio State fan who perhaps wouldn't be as interested in a CBJ game....and as anyone can tell you, half the battle in attracting new fans to this great game is just getting them in the building because then the game sells itself.

On the flip side the Ohio State Men's hockey team gets to showcase itself and their quality brand of hockey to some CBJ fans who perhaps haven't given them and their program a look.

It get's folks down to the AD a little sooner to mingle and spend more dough at the local establishments. It's also a great sell as a "bonus" for you ticket price.

It's a win and win.

Other highlights on the schedule include two home games versus hockey powerhouse Michigan on Dec 4th and 5th followed by a home at home with in-state rival Miami on the 11th and 12th.

The Buckeyes will also host U.S. National Under-18 Team on Saturday December 15th. A lot of the top draft eligible U.S. players for the 2010 draft will be playing in this game.

It also looks as if the Ohio Hockey Classic tournament has been folded. Perhaps due to money or just plain lack of overall interest.

You can see the full schedule here and their official press release here.

Fire away - does an Ohio State/CBJ double header interest you?



John said...

I have never been to OSU hockey before. Are they allowed to sell beer there? If not, would htis affect the selling of beer for the Jackets game. If so, I am staunchly opposed to this plan and I will be watching both at the R Bar.

LTL said...

Haha.. good point John.

You can buy beer at the club section at the Schott for any OSU hockey game. Trust me as that is a mandatory requirement for me as well.

Also you don't need a special ticket to get into the club section.. they let you sit wherever you want for any game outside of Michigan or Notre Dame. Even then they'll let you up to drink beer.

I know when they hosted the Ohio Hockey Classic at the Nat they sold beer so I'm sure any double-header would include the suds.

They can't be Joe Blundo dumb can they?

I'm tellin ya though, it's great hockey. Those boys hit anything that moves.


Skraut said...

tOSU hockey team came to Cleveland and played back-to-back games with the Lake Erie Monsters. One ticket got you into both of the games.

Seemed to go over pretty well, and a great way to cross-promote teams and hockey in Ohio.

snappy said...

I am a big Buckeye fan--some hockey and basketball, but mostly football (of course). While the "double header" that you describe might be good exposure for OSU hockey, I shutter to think of "Hang on Sloopy" and "OH--IO" reverberating around Nationwide. I guess this gives me mixed feelings. I enjoy the collegiate atmosphere of attending athletic events on campus at OSU. But, I also VERY MUCH enjoy a separate and different experience in the Arena District with the CBJ. And, there has been criticism expressed (mainly on Puck-rackers, I think) about making the OSU connection with the CBJ. Some fans HATE any links to the big beamouth known as the "Buckeye Nation". I tend to agree with those that say that Columbus is big enough to support both collegiate and professional sports, but they should be kept separate. But, a once-per-year deal like you describe would be okay with me. The Ohio Hockey Classic (four collegiate teams including OSU and Miami University) is held each year in Nationwide Arena and that is a great event to showcase collegiate hockey. I seem to recall that beer was not sold at this event though.

LTL said...

Very good points Snappy about keeping the CBJ expereince seperate from the collegiate one.

Definitely an angle I hadn't considered.

I'm certainly one of those fans who gets burnt out of the OSU forcefeed.

That said I think I'd still give it a whirl and see how it played out. I'd keep it strictly hockey themed. If all that occured was Hang On Sloopy and O-H-I-O chants then I'd pass on doing the event again.

I was also thinkin that the TBA may be because of a concert or another event that is yet to be confirmed.

They key for me though is grass roots... promoting and cross promoting hockey at all levels in this city I believe will ultimately lead to greater support for the highest level.

We'll see.


snappy said...

LTL: Actually, in reflecting on my previous comment and your response, I think what many Blue Jackets fans chafe at is the "Hang on Sloopy" and "O-H-I-O" chants at BLUE JACKETS GAMES and not so much for holding collegiate sporting events in Nationwide. I am definitely among those who dislike the Buckeye chants at CBJ games. CBJ hockey is NHL, i.e. professional, hockey. Keep the Bucks out of it IMO. Like 'em both--keep 'em separate. But, cross promoting OSU and CBJ hockey as separate games on the same day, even in the same arena, is fine with me and I expect other hockey fans might get excited about this as well. (But, I also wonder if the "TBA" is because of a potential scheduling conflict at this point.)

LTL said...

Yep... I'm with you Snappy.. that is how I took your response.. I just didn't do a very good job clafiying that in mine :)

My worry would be having the OSU traditions bleed over from their college hockey game to the Jackets game later that evening.

..but the more I think about it the more it's probably like you say, a scheduling conflict.

That would be one helluva way to spend a Saturday though!