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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bouwmeester? Not likely.

According to this article the Jackets may be interested in dealing for Bouwmeester's negotiating rights:

Agent Bryon Baltimore wouldn't be surprised if Bouwmeester's negotiating rights were dealt to another club (Philadelphia Flyers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Montreal and Vancouver appear to be possibilities) for a player and/or high draft picks shortly before the free-agent doors open July 1.

Philadelphia would have to unload Daniel Briere first, however, and at a salary-cap hit of $6.5 million US for four more years - that's a big gulp for anybody.

Sorry to burst any bubbles out there Jacket fans but don't count on it. Bouwmeester will cost too much for the Jackets and the word around the camp fire is that he'd like to play in Canadian market. I can't see Columbus being very high up his priority list.

The only way I see the Jackets affording him is if the Nash negotiations fall apart and he's dealt along with the 7 mil he's slated to make this season which is also unlikely.

Speaking of Nash, there are some very encouraging quotes from both parties in today's Dispatch regarding getting his contract extended:

From Howson:

Would the club -- which has cited $80 million in losses over the past seven years -- still have the gumption to extend a high-dollar, multiyear deal to Nash?

"We're going to enter into a very serious negotiation this summer with Rick," Howson said. "I wanted both of them to know that the situation with our arena will not have any impact on what we do with our club on the ice, and it most certainly will not have an effect on our contract talks with Rick."

From Nash:

Nash said the ongoing financial situation would not change his willingness to sign a long-term contract with the Blue Jackets.

"No, not at all," Nash said. "It doesn't concern me at all. I personally think everything will be fine.

"I'm obviously interested in getting a contract done. That hasn't changed."

Nash is Howson's biggest issue of the summer. He'd like to get it done before training camp opens in September, before the rumor mill starts churning.

My money is still on a 3 year 21 million dollar deal getting hammered out fairly quickly. Although I'd certainly like to see something longer.

No talks with ESPN according to Versus President Jamie Davis:

Asked about reports of ESPN's interest in getting back into the puck sport, Davis said there haven't been any conversations with executives from Bristol.

"Versus has a contract with the NHL [through the 2011 season]. There haven't been any talks with [NHL commissioner] Gary {Bettman] about that," said Davis. "He's only expressed encouragement, to ‘keep the momentum going.'"

To that end, Versus will sit down with the NHL and evaluate what can be done to enhance the product.

"After the Stanely Cup, we'll look back on what worked. I think the recap will show that it was a super season and we'll discuss what we can do to improve on it."

Sounds good to me.


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rocket said...

Maybe I'm the only one, but I am glad that ESPN isn't handling the NHL anymore.

One way to enhance coverage on VS? How about showing more games. I know they do enough as it is, but that would be nice.

Hopefully VS can become the US's CBC of hockey.