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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Columbus just got fatter!

Who knew Rick Nash had his own fathead? I sure didn't.

Think the wife would go for this in the master bedroom? I think I'd find myself out on the lawn landing on my own big fat head.

What is a fathead you may be asking:

Fathead is Huge! Real.Big. Fathead wall graphics are life-size action images that you stick on any smooth surface. You can move them and reuse them and they are safe for walls. Fathead wall graphics are way better than a poster, much bigger than a sticker and tougher than a decal. Choose from hundreds of licensed sports and entertainment images. You can also get a custom Fathead! Upload your photos to make your own Fathead using our Fathead customizer.

Still I wasn't aware that Nasher had gained "fathead" status. A sign of a true star player! Of course it comes with a hefty price tag of $99 dollars but one can put no price tag on fandom!

Mom.. dad... this would be a great addition to any kid's room! Could be a nice addition to a man room or man garage. Personally I'm thinkin this baby would look pretty good in the R Bar. Natalie.. Mike... make it happen!

In addition to Nash you could also get the CBJ logo. Check em out here.

....and noooo my wallet has not gotten any fatter from this post. Just a Jackets nerd who likes cool Jackets sh**!



Barga said...

you sure? The FTC is going to start making bloggers reveal if they get paid to sponsor

that said, any of vermie?

LTL said...

Haha.. if that is the case, the FTC is going to be severly dissapointed in this site!

Unfortunately none of Antoine "give me a blue" Vermettte.... just Nasher and the logo. Most teams only have one player and there are a quite a few that have none so I'll take that and run.

They do have an option to create your own though.


Barga said...

seriously, i love vermie and need to have him posted on my wall

sad to say, the sweater that i wear when in goal is a #50

jenifer said...

Oh!! Really, It sounds interesting!! I just love the Fathead wall graphics... I'll try this!!