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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Heatley requests trade and more...

Things are certainly starting to heat up a bit out there just as the Stanely Cup is looking to wrap up (eff Detroit!).

The biggest news of the day --> according to ESPN Danny Heatley has requested a trade from the Ottawa Senators.

From what I've read Heatley is not happy with the way his coach, Cory Clouston, used him last season. Of course Ottawa also had their worst season in some 10 years finishing 11th in the Eastern Conference so I suspect there are a lot of unhappy faces to go around in that franchise.

Heatley is a big fish. He's only 28 and has scored more than 70 points in each of the past 4 seasons including two 50 goal and 100 point campaigns.

This would be the second time Heatley has requested a trade. If you recall Atlanta dealt him after he needed "change of scenery" following that car crash that involved and killed his fellow teammate Dan Snyder.

Is this a trend or just coincidence with "Heater"? It's certainly a flag to me.. just not quite sure how red it is.

He's signed for the next 5 seasons for 8, 8, 8, 6 and 5 million. He also has a no movement clause which of course if he demanded a trade he's obviously willing to waive.

With that kind of salary it will be interesting to see what he returns.

Why do I bring this up? Keep his situation in mind should the Rick Nash situation turn ugly which again, I don't anticipate.

Quite frankly I much rather keep our face of the franchise thank you very much.

It's interesting how many "big fish" seem to be in play this offseason. Add Heatley to names like Lecavalier, Briere, Phaneuf & Marleau to name just a few.

With so many names seemingly in play there could be some serious blockbusters this offseason as teams look to shake things up and find that winning formula.

The trick is keeping that cap manageable.

I'm holding out hope the Penguins can force a game 7 tonight. However I'm not expecting it.

This series has gone just like last year's with the home team winning each of the first 5 games. Detroit closed out the series in Game 6 @ Pittsburgh last year and will look to do so tonight.

You can bet if that happens my TV will suddenly lose power as I can not stomach watching that squad hoist the cup yet again, especially with that cup whore Hossa tagging along on the Wings coat tails.

This could be the final night to catch some live hockey at the R Bar for a while, so again, if you're lookin for an excuse.....

The Dispatch announced in their piece on Stephan Legein this morning that development camp is slated for June 29th through July 3rd.

It's a shame that instead of getting an update Legein's development this is the information that stood out to me the most in the entire piece.

There once was a time where I was very excited about Legein. He is really on nobody's radar but his own at this point. Maybe that's a good thing...a good motivational tool.

This is an absolute critical year for this kid. He doesn't have to tear up the NHL but he's at least got to take some serious steps at the AHL level and get his development trajectory back on track.

There is some speculation out there that the New York Islanders are looking to move up from their 2nd first round pick (the 26th overall) to try to get into the top 15 of the draft.

In addition to the 1st and 26th overall picks in the 1st round, the Islanders own the 31st, 37th, 56th picks in the 2nd round. They certainly have some ammunition to move up.

Would Howson be interested in trading down from the Jackets 16th overall pick?

Remember they do not own a 2nd round pick as they dealt it to the Senators in the Pascal Leclaire deal.

I've speculated before that this is certainly something Howson would at least consider. It's all going to depend on who is available at that 16th slot.

Here is what I've been reading lately in terms of the tiers in this draft:

* There is a clear 1 & 2 (Tavares & Hedman)
* Next is a 3 to 7 (Duchene, Kane, Schenn, Cowen, Paajarvi-Svensson)
* Then a bunch of guys til about that 15th pick
* Then a bunch of guys til about pick 60

As mentioned the Jackets hold the 16th pick. Nobody's draft boards are going to be the exact same so I fully expect somebody in most team's top 15 to be there at 16 -- the question is will it be a name that Jackets scouts feel is worthy of that draft position? Or will it be a name that they feel they can get a comparable talent if they move down in the draft?

On the flip side it takes two to two-step so a team looking to trade up would have to really like a player that is still available at 16.

There are also a handful of other teams without 2nd round picks that the Islanders could dance with. Montreal, Calgary, Minnesota, Anaheim, Boston, Buffalo and Philly are the others.

Interesting that only 1 of those teams currently drafts higher than the Jackets in the first round (Buffalo).

Watch out for the Islanders this year at the draft table. I expect the unexpected with this squad which should make for, if nothing else, an entertaining draft day.



eplagge said...


It's going to be a sick sick off-season.. (yes double sick...),,

not only as you mentioned: Heatley, Lecavalier, Briere, Phaneuf & Marleau.. but what about..

Jiri Hudler
Mats Sundin
Scott & Rob Niedermayer
Rob Blake
Sedin Twins

Just to name a few.... (some of them may have already cut a deal.. or retired)....

And that exclude the possibility of possibly of Joe Thornton or other high-profile sharks being on the trading block...

The Flames fired Keenan and there is some rumbling going on.. . the Oilers have little distress signals going up... Ottawa seems to be shaking more and more...

And the really good stuff will be coming from Teams that are going to try and squeeze under the cap limit.. .

BTW can someone find out which teams specifically are going to have to make moves in order to fit under the cap ??? There are several teams that will need to move pieces in order to hold on to their starpower names...

Rick said...

I believe the perception of players that C-Bus is a backwater is fading after the fight they put up to get to the playoffs. There are some big names out there that will give the CBJ a hard look at free agency time. They are not the HUGE name players, but bigger than we are used to seeing being interested in Columbus.

As the saying goes, don't be surprised...

Stephen said...

Its going to be a sick off season for the players, as they won't get as much $ as they think. The best thing that happened to the CBJ is the salary cap adjustment. Howson has a ton of opportunity.

The Nash contract timing may be a perfect time as well. If he decides to test the FA waters, there are lots of options.