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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 2

Good vid here with the Jackets 2nd round pick Kevin Lynch and 4th round pick David Savard (that kid looks like a monster):

Be sure to check out Breakfast with the Blue Jackets on -- they have new interviews with Scott Howson, Tyler Wright and the Jackets #1 pick John Moore.

Check out these draft stats from THN:

Canada led all countries with 102 players selected at the NHL draft, down from 120 in 2008 but the same number as in 2007.

The United States had 55 players chosen, up 10 from last year, although it had none in the top 15.

Sweden had 24 chosen, up seven from 2008 and there were 10 from Finland, a gain of three. Slovakia had five after not having a player drafted last year.

The thing about the Russians though is that even though they don't have the quantity they certainly produce quality -- which of course is the reason they are alway so damn good at the international tournaments.

That and the lack of a transfer agreement doesn't help.

Good and bad. Good that both Tavares and Hedman went to the East. Bad that we won't get to see them play that often.

THN also picked the Jackets as a draft "winner":

Columbus: Taking a page out of the New York Islanders book, the Jackets stockpiled on second and late-rounders to move down a little in the first round. They could afford to make a move like that because of all the strong prospects they have stepping into the NHL right now: Derrick Brassard, Nikita Filatov, Kris Russell, Jakub Voracek and, of course, Steve Mason to name a few.
Further, their first trade set up a later trade to move up a few spots to take John Moore – ranked 16th by International Scouting Services – 21st overall. Moore, who has a very projectable 6-foot-2, 185-pound frame, skates like the wind and is, or is at least among, the very best skaters in the draft – perfect in the NHL and perfect for a team with such a decrepit power play.

So did USA Today:

Dazzling skater John Moore, a defenseman, was a high value pick at No. 21, and center Kevin Lynch could be a sleeper.

Allen Muir also weighed in on the Moore selection:

(9:56) And that's why the Blue Jackets move up. They get Moore, a great value pick at this point of the night. He's one of the best skaters in the draft and has a real sharp eye with the puck. He'll key their transition game and be an ideal QB for a power play that's held them back as other elements have come together under coach Ken Hitchcock.

(9:53) Anaheim trades pick 21 to Columbus for 26 and 37. Dropping five slots to pick up a second rounder? Nice asset management by Bob Murray. If you're a Ducks fan, you have to love the night your team has had. And that's a steep price for the Jackets. They must have targetted someone to help their blueline. Moore?

As a couple of folks pointed out in the comments of another post - something is going to have to give in Calgary after they acquired the rights to Bouwmeester.

Assuming they get him signed for around 7 mil per year that would make the 4th player on the Flames roster who makes 7 million or more dollars. The best bet here is that Dion Phaneuf has played his last game as a Flame.

He's certainly a guy I'd love to add but I can't see the Jackets adding his salary or giving up the assets it would take to acquire him.



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