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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cap space.. the new frontier

A nice quick reference in terms of players signed vs. cap space that I grabbed from the Canadiens web site.

The Jackest have 18 players with over 17 mil left on the cap. We know as a budget team that they won't be spending near it.

Jackets a draft "winner" according to Puck-daddy:

Columbus Blue Jackets: Winners, because they seem to really love the John Moore pick. Big kid, good skater, and dropped more than they thought he would, which required them to trade up after already trading down. There's still no indication whether Moore will go to Colorado College or Kitchener, though. It'd probably be better for his development to get some Major Junior games under his belt though.



Stephen said...

I believe I heard Howson say, on the Blue Jacket Call-In show, Moore was going to Kitchener next year.

LTL said...

Was that today you caught that Stephen?


Stephen said...

Sunday's show. However I may have misheard the comment?