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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Somebody forgot to take out the garbage

I was just forwarded this link from a story the Dispatch ran today (for what reason..? I guess to appear nuetral on the issue) by a scribe named Joe Blundo (who?).

Apparently after a couple of weeks since the arena lease story broke Joe decided to jump in on the action and throw his two cents in -- and when I say two cents, that is really about what this piece is worth.

Here are some highlights:

How bad would it be to lose the team? Obviously, the economic impact would be substantial, but I'm talking psychology and perception here. Would the city's mood darken and its profile shrink?
It depends on how the Buckeyes are doing. Remember that our civic self-esteem is intricately linked to the win-loss record of the Ohio State football team.

When it comes to a sense of well-being, the sports are not equal. Football is like air to Columbus. Hockey is more like an air freshener.

Ah yes, the "there is only room for Ohio State Football in Columbus" argument. Brilliant.

Thank you Joe. May I have another.

But would losing the Jackets hurt our image? Not in real terms, because, right now, we don't have an image. But we think we have one, so the idea of having it harmed by a Jackets departure does, um, sting in that sense.

Ignoring for a sec the fact that Joe probably put about 5 minutes worth of research into this piece (of crap)... Really the only image I'm interested in is who in their right mind writes this garbage?

Well here you are ----------------------------------->>>

...but wait.. he's not finished:

Ironically, losing the team might raise our profile in the short term. We'd get a burst of media attention. People throughout the country who had no idea that a National Hockey League team played in Columbus would finally catch onto the fact. Next thing you know, they're telling their friends, "Hey, did you even realize that Columbus, Ga., had a hockey team? I didn't."
Long term, though, the hockey team would contribute to the raising of our profile. The beauty of a big-time sports franchise is that it can benefit you at either extreme: If the team wins a Stanley Cup or two, Columbus is suddenly attracting attention.

Conversely, if it fails to win a Stanley Cup for, oh, say, a century, the media come calling again. They love a prolonged bout of sports futility. Has Chicago been harmed by the championship drought of the Cubs? Hardly. In a way, it makes the place more lovable.

So let me get this straight Joe. A losing team would actually help the city and it's image? Alright... let me get on the horn to John P., Howson and Hitch and spread the word...

Honestly I need a Cup O' Joe after reading this mess. My man Joe is so all over the map here that a compass couldn't even point him in the right direction.

I'm honestly not sure a caveman could have written something worth less... because that is exactly what this type of thought process is -- straight from the stoneage.

Message to Joe ---> stick to your symphonies and let the grown ups handle this one.....mmm-k?

If you actually made it through to the end of this post and want to contact Mr. Blundo - he can be reached @

UPDATE: If you would like to contact the editor who approved this garbage his name is Ben Marrison and can be reached @

Thanks for the info John.



rocket said...

oh my god... have you actually seen some of the comments to this guys "piece"? I'm really beginning to hate this city, all these hillbillys want is to remain a cow town. Now I like OSU football... but do I really care about a 14 year old kid from bumblef*ck backcountry who verbally committed? NOPE.

I am so pissed, ignorance just makes me completely angry. With the buckeyes mindset in place, this city is set up for a proverbial "glass ceiling" where nothing will ever be to it's potential... because of ohio state.

P*ss on those people.

Michael said...

I just left him such a long email basically telling him how he shouldnt get paid for that BS and he is to ignorant to even attempt to learn what the BJs have done to this city. I HATE people like this man and almost which Columbus was in a city where there wasnt so many ignorant Joe Blundos and I didnt have to have to deal with this OSU shit

Barga said...

you dont understand
Joe writes satire, he is making fun of people

rocket said...

The piece on a losing franchise might be sattire, but bringing to the table "Buckeye City" and the "no room for two teams" attitudes just reinforces the opinion of the your average hockey hating redneck.

Not a good idea either way.

Barga said...

air freashener

columbus, ga

"It would be like cheering up a condemned man by pointing out that the weather had turned out fine for his execution."

"slipping sedatives into the water supply."

his whole point is that Columbus has only one image to the world, and that is football. THe loss doesnt hurt our image, but it hurts our ability to grow a new image

LTL said...


If that is the case then it definitely went right over my head.

Also if it is satire then other media outlets certainly aren't treating it that way -- for instance has already picked up on it:'-departure-would-have-us-buzzing-

For me this just a pointless story that does alot more harm than good.


Wally said...

I know you like to keep this blog clean, but Joe Blundo is a douchebag to the nth degree. Nothing he's ever written was funny.

Wally said...

The image "we" have (or had) was OSU students setting stuff on fire after football games while players were busy getting arrested.

YAY Columbus!

rocket said...

Listen guys, whether or not it is a sattire piece if not important. Read some of the comments of the people on that site who think the jackets should leave town... that's what it created.

While we're all laughing at those idiots' ignorance, there are people in CBus who actually feel this way. Very sad.

Seppe Sai said...

[begin sarcasm] But what y'all's fergittin is the GREATEST thing t'ever come to this here town is THE... Ohio State Buckeyes!!! If it don't have t'do wit tha Skarlet-n-Gray, I's aint innerested!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [end sarcasm]

Seppe Sai said...

Seriously, though: Anyone know if this was supposed to be a satire piece? Because if it was, methinks Mr. Blundo needs to work on his clarity.

As a side note, Blundo is a hilarious name. I wonder if he moonlights as a party clown?

Stephen said...

I would like the know what % of the Buckeye's only crowd actually hold a degree from the University?

rocket said...

By the way, in case nobody noticed.... But what a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE P.R. move by the Blue Jackets in attempting to go for the "sin tax". It is very evident in this articles comment section... people are pissed because they think they will have to pay for the CBJ. And I actually don't blame them, how else did you think they would feel?

Now that I think about it, one of the worst business ideas. Ever.

Hitch Rules said...

Lost on all of this, Blun-dork, is the fact that your rag - those morons who were stupid enough to hire you - OWN 10% of the CBJ.

Maybe what we should do is to set up a writing campaign, to the Wolfe's, to request an apology, an explanation, if it were a sarcastic piece, or to please kindly remove this no-talent, no-humor idiot from the paper. They get rid of 40-50 writers, a few months ago...

Uh, John Wolfe, you MISSED one!

Hitch Rules said...

Lost on all of this, Blun-dork, is the fact that your rag - those morons who were stupid enough to hire you - OWN 10% of the CBJ.

Maybe what we should do is to set up a writing campaign, to the Wolfe's, to request an apology, an explanation, if it were a sarcastic piece, or to please kindly remove this no-talent, no-humor idiot from the paper. They get rid of 40-50 writers, a few months ago...

Uh, John Wolfe, you MISSED one!

Hitch Rules said...

Hey, I got one more point (just thought of it) - where the heck are Porty and Tom Reed, and why are they letting this idiot off, scott-free?

Guys, if you really love this team, step up and either repute what he said, or explain if this was a satire (were it, it was lost on me)

Then again, the co. that owns the Dispatch also owns the Shill, err, Fan, and it's this co. that lets Toolie (he of the 7 total minutes of attendance for Game 3 of the SC Playoffs - I was sitting right next to him, in press row, and I timed it) and Spitty the Retard (has NEVER been to a CBJ or NHL game - and that came straight from Herbie) opine about this team...nuff said!

Barga said...

guys, think about what he is saying:

no matter what the jackets do, short of winning several times in a row (notice the crews lack of attention), columbus will only be knwon for football

that is not complimenting the fact, it is saying that we are a one-trick pony and that is bad

Hitch Rules said...

Thought I'd share what I just wrote to him, on his comments blog:

They decide to let go of 40-50 Dispatch personnel, a few months ago...

Uh, Mr. Wolfe, you missed one....

I guess, genius, you forgot that the Dispatch owns 10% of the CBJ...

Oh, and congrats on your failed attempt - I'm assuming that's the story you're going with - making , and, letting your simple - heavy emphasis on simple - piece be looked upon as how the CBJ are viewed, in this town...

Again, 40-50 had to go, and you get to stay...there is no justice

rocket said...

very nice Hitch... Unfortunately I've been wasting my time today and posting on that section so I must warn you that your comments will fall on deaf ears.

Actually, it's much worse than that, they will fall on ignorant, uncivilized ears... which is much worse.

Seppe Sai said...

Aw, come on! The comments over at The Dispatch can't be THAT bad!

[reds all 96 posts]

Oh no. I just made myself sad.

[curls up in the fetal position, muttering "the horror.... the horror..."]

John said...

I encourage everyone to contact the editor of the dispatch about this piece of garbage. His name is Ben Marrison and he can be reached at I actually got this information from Tom Reed. He said this would be the guy to contact and let know what we think about this $hit.

rocket said...

Even if this was intended as humor (which he failed miserably) and he was making fun of Columbus as having the college town image, it only stirs the pot since obviously there are people in Columbus who truly want to stay mediocre... at any cost.

LTL said...

Thanks for that info John. I'll ammend that to the bottom of the post.


Wally said...

I think Ben Marrison has a column on Sundays where he talks about an issue with the paper each week. I'm sure this will be the subject.

Michael said...

6 emails exchanged between me and Joe, just sent one to the editor. Quite frankly, I'm pissed!

Hitch Rules said...

Michael: Just curious - what did that A-Wipe have to say in a form of a response? I'm sure he thought it was cute, or was condescending, or rude, or that we didn't get the humor, etc.

Hitch Rules said...

Folks, here's the thread I started on HF Boards. Please do chime in and have LTL nation represent!

Did anyone see that moron Joe Blun-dork's article in the Dispatch? What an idiot!

Here's the link:

Lost on all of this, Blun-deusche, is the fact that your rag - those morons who were stupid enough to hire you - OWN 10% of the CBJ.

Maybe what we should do is to set up a writing campaign, to the Wolfe's, to request an apology, an explanation, if it were a sarcastic piece, or to please kindly remove this no-talent, no-humor idiot from the paper. They get rid of 40-50 writers, a few months ago...

Uh, John Wolfe, you MISSED one!

And, for those who were as offended as I was, here's the email address of the Dispatch's editor:

Let's not let this intellectual wannabe (I'd put my 2 grad degrees and 3 certifications up against this nerd's, uh, correspondence Associates degree, anytime) get away with sabotoging (sp - so much for my grad degrees - lol) efforts to keep this team here in Cols.

Carry the Flag!

Michael said...

ME - Joe, please do not ever write about hockey again, unless you put more than 30 seconds into researching what it has done to this city. I really don't want to take the time to explain it, because you obviously don't care to know. I can't see how you get paid for that. Only room for Ohio State? Grow up Joe and let the adults talk about the sports in Columbus.

JOE - Michael:
If you have an argument to make, I invite you to make it. Suggesting that I don’t earn my pay doesn’t qualify as an argument. Try again. Or, if not, thanks for reading.

ME - How does it not qualify? If you bash the Blue Jackets with ignorance, and get payed for it.. why is that not an argument? check out and just see what that site has to say about you and your "articles"

JOE - It doesn’t qualify because insults aren’t arguments.

ME - But if you insult the entire franchise of the Blue Jackets, that qualifies? Thats a bit hypocritical.

No response for like 2 days. Hate that man.

Hitch Rules said...

Michael: Thanks for sharing - just what I figured - typical snarky (only paper in town, and it shows) attitude.

I will let you know that I sent a very effective (covering the main points of our arguments, a systematic tearing apart of this moron) to his editor, basically threatening to cancel my subscription if a clarification weren't made...

Thanks again!