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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jackets might as well pass on the seconds

The Pipeline Show has a Jackets draft preview up that you may want to check out. Here's a preview of their preview:

Coming Down the Pipe - The Pipeline Show has been fans of the Blue Jackets draft strategy and results for a few years. For my money, Nikita Filatov might have been the most skilled player in last year’s draft while Derrick Brassard was on a rookie of year type pace before getting injured and passing the baton to goaltender Steve Mason. Jakub Voracek could end up being the most consistent forward out of the bunch in the long run, while Cody Goloubef was the only NCAA player to make Canada’s WJC team and skates extremely well on the back end.

Both of their writers have the Jackets drafting center Jacob Josefson out of Sweden.

No doubt the Jackets have been drafting much better of late. Heck they didn't even mention guys like Russell, Dorsett and Methot who were later round picks making an impact on the big club. Also we can't overlook Howson's move to send three 5th round picks to Dallas in order to move up and grab Mayorov. That move could really start paying dividends as early as this coming season.

For whatever reason though the Jackets have had terrible luck in the 2nd round. The only 2nd round pick prospects still in the system after 9 drafts is Will Weber, Stephan Legein and Goloubef. Perhaps we should just stay put and pick 16th!

Check out this 2nd round track record:

2000 - traded away pick
2001 - Tim Jackman
2001 - Kiel McLeod
2002 - Joakim Lindstrom
2003 - Dan Fritsche
2004 - Adam Pineault
2004 - Kyle Wharton
2005 - Adam McQuaid
2006 - traded away pick
2007 - Stefan Legein
2007 - Will Weber
2008 - Cody Goloubef

Even in years where the squad had two 2nd rounders it's been ugly!

They also have a good read on projected first round pick Ryan Ellis and compare him to another d-man we know so well... Kris Russell.

“Kris Russell is one of my favorite players in the NHL right now and I watched him with the Medicine Hat Tigers in the Memorial Cup and loved how he played; his style and I thought he was really close to what I am like so he became my favorite player,” said Ellis. “Ever since then I just focused on becoming like him and he’s come a long way playing with Columbus. I think with myself, being underestimated because of my size is a lot like him so I think we have the same things in common and the same goals as well.”

So using Russell as a comparison, since that is the guy Ellis himself would use, I have to ask this question: Why is Ryan Ellis getting 1st round consideration? Kris Russell was drafted in the 3rd round back in 2005, the year of the lockout, so no one really knew how the league would change once it got back to playing. Russell’s height and weight are basically the same as Ellis but in 2005 he was deemed a gamble pick for the NHL.

Check it out here.

How about this scathing piece titled "The Modern Day Yash" out of Ottawa regarding the Heately trade request:

Don't shed too many tears over what is now the inevitable departure of Dany Heatley.
The Senators will be better off without him.
Sure, his goals will be missed. But the millions the team saves on his salary will buy back some goals, and maybe even some character.
That last quality, Heatley lacks.
Here's a couple of questions for Heatley, who will remain in hiding until a deal is done and therefore steer clear of all questions:
If it is indeed about the coach, exactly when did your relationship with Cory Clouston turn sour?
Couldn't have been over the last two months, unless you had a phone conversation that hurt your feelings. So it must have been at some point during the season - when you were busy denying reports that you did not see eye-to-eye with him.
And what could possibly bother you about Clouston? The team was better with him in charge, right? There's promise for next season, right? Isn't that the most important thing?
Of course, he did cut back your ice time. Bumped you down to the second power play unit, even. And why would that be? He wouldn't say, but there was a reason and again, the team had success with him behind the bench. Isn't that the most important thing?
Or maybe that's the problem. Maybe, as far as Dany Heatley is concerned, Dany Heatley is the most important thing. That's what it looks like from here. Here's a team that moved its best player for you a few years ago, making your trade wish in Atlanta to be granted. Here's a team that set you up with a very rich, multi-year contract.
Made you the highest paid player in the NHL last season, even though you were nowhere near the best player in the NHL last year, or any year before it.
And now, because you don't like something that happened, you are repaying its loyalty by saying you want out?

Clearly there has to be more to this story and I suspect we'll continue to get more bits and pieces of info as it develops.

Also as I read some reaction from Ottawa fans the general tone I get is don't let the door hitchya where mother nature splitya Danny.

Again I'm just fine keeping our well grounded, home grown and very coachable franchise player in Rick Nash in the fold. Get er done Howson.

Read more about Heatley from the Ottawa Sun here.

Finally a big HELL YEAH to Pittsburgh for forcing a game 7 with a 2-1 win at home against the things last night.

Neither team has been able to win on the road. I don't know what Pittsburgh will have to do to win in Detroit but they are going to have to dig really deep. They can also really help themselves like they did last night by staying out of the box.

If they somehow find a way to win I believe they will be the first team to come back after being down 3-2 in a final to win the cup since the Avalanche and one of my favorites of all-time, Ray Bourque, did so back in 2001.

...and has anyone seen Hossa? What a joke.



Chris said...

Hossa is at least part of the reason I root for Pittsburgh - His switching teams to go for the 'sure thing' is just bad karma

Max said...

You know, the more I think about it, the more I wonder about Heatly. This isn't just about the coach. It's about the management. But he knew about the management before he signed his fat contract. He's an idiot, as he proved in his time in Atlanta.

LTL said...

Ooops.. forgot Will Weber as a 2nd rounder. Post has been updated.