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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Response from County Commissioner John O'Grady

Thank you for your letter regarding the Blue Jackets’ proposal to purchase Nationwide Arena. Despite being a strong supporter of the team, I share your concern about the potential negative impact that a so-called ‘sin tax’ would have on the citizens and economy of Franklin County.

I want to let you know that the Board of Commissioners was approached by the Blue Jackets regarding this legislation, and that we did not initiate or propose the idea. As of May 29th, the Ohio Senate stripped the authority to levy this tax from the state budget bill, eliminating any possibility of it being implemented.

We will work closely with the Blue Jackets to identify alternative solutions to ensure that they have a successful future here in central Ohio. If the team folds, our community stands to lose a significant amount of jobs and tax revenue. Additionally, a bright and vibrant Arena District will lose one of its greatest assets.

Again, thank you for taking the time to let me know your position, and please feel free to contact me if you have any additional concerns.


John O’Grady
Franklin County Commissioner

Kevin Griffith
John Glenn Intern
Franklin County Commissioner John O'Grady
373 S. High Street, 26th Fl.
Columbus, OH 43215
Ph: (614)-462-4143 Fx (614)-462-5999

I see this is the exact same response Rocket got as well (he posted it in the comments of a previous post). Like Rocket, I mentioned nothing about potential negative impacts the "sin tax" would have on Franklin County in the email I sent.

Clearly these folks aren't even reading what is sent into them.

Personally what I want to hear are specific actions that the Commisioners are currently acting upon. My guess is that absolutely nothing has happened since this news broke two weeks ago.

Well I suppose someone's time was allocated to type up a vanilla response like this and hit the send button.

I hate to say it but I see exactly where this thing is headed. It's going to take the Jackets dropping the hammer (i.e. threaten to move) to get any of these folks off their asses to take the serious steps needed to resolve this issue.

That is how the political game is played - see Pittsburgh. Hopefully by then it's not too late.

Keep your emails and calls flowing Jacket fans. Let's keep the fire burning.



Skraut said...

LTL, is there something that us "Outside of the Region" CBJ fans can do to voice our support? I always said I would support the Sin Tax by making sure I got a tube at the R-Bar every time I was in Columbus ;)

But as this is primarily a local issue, I was wondering if it would be worth the time to write the state politicians.

LTL said...

Hell I'm wondering if its worth the time for local folks to write into these politicians ;)

Kidding aside.. I think every little bit helps no matter where you are located.

Fans like yourself come to this city and spend their hard earn dough and contribute to the Jackets and the local Arena District businesses just like the rest of us and they should hear from you.

Although I'm certainly not well connected to the day to day happenings behind the scenes of this issue -- it appears from my cheap seats that this group of Commissioners isn't taking this issue nearly as serious as it should be.

I know there is a great video for myself and others to post/share as a support tool somewhere in all this mess Skraut!


BZArcher said...

I very nearly wrote back after getting my form letter to say that I was offended that my letter to the commissioner had pretty clearly NOT been read.

But then I realized that if they didn't bother paying attention to the first thing I said, the second didn't bear much chances either.

Bruce said...

blah blah blah. Someone needs to call these worthless jerks on the carpet for responding like this.

rocket said...

I actually replied back and said that I wasn't writing to him to express my concern about the sin tax... so on and so on... eventually letting him know where I stand and that he didn't read my letter.

Hitch Rules said...

Get ready to be put on blast!!!!

RE: O'Grady's response - Here's the part of his response that annoys me - didn't know if you
caught it, as I did - "If the team folds, our community stands to lose a significant amount of jobs and tax revenue. Additionally, a bright and vibrant Arena District will lose one of its greatest assets."...

ONE of it's greatest assets? How about THE GREATEST ASSET they have,
down there? How about THE ONLY ASSET they, down there?

Lose a significant amount of jobs? Oh yeah, and yours, right along with it! Trust me, they let this happen, and it's time for LTL nation to lead a campaign to have
every stinkin' one of these morons ousted.

Stand up, STAND the #ell up, LTL Nation! Let your voices be heard!

rocket said...

AGREED with hitchrules... amen.