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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Howson video

Thought I'd post the video from the Jackets web site of the Howson Q&A for those that haven't made it over there yet.

I found it interesting that he talks about the possibility of moving up and moving down in the draft. Not sure what kind of bullets they have to pull off a move up as it usually involves draft picks but I like that Howson isn't ruling anything out.

Fire away - What, if anything, do you take away from Howson's comments?



the Jester said...

My friends and I think that the Jackets might deal Modin on Draft Day. That would open up some serious cap space and get rid of someone who, for the most part, has been injured with the CBJ. It also opens up more room for Filatov. He (Modin) has got to be worth a 3rd or 4th rounder.

I enjoy watching Howson talk. Much more so than MacLean. He seems like such a more down to earth guy.

Go Jackets!

eplagge said...

Modin, is an interesting piece isn't he... when he's healthy he adds stability and excellent puck possession around the boards with a little bit of sniping skill.. .. but the healthy part is a big if.... which probably combined with his salary makes him difficult to move... I hope we can trade him but I would be surprised if there are any takers....

From listening to Howsen I get the sense that this draft is going to be interesting.... it sounds like there might be some serious interest from teams trying to move in the draft.. and Howsen might already have some takers for his first round pick... I sounds like me might get a solid player in exchange for a our first round pick... just a gut feeling...