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Monday, June 1, 2009

So much for budget cuts

Just a quick hitter but I had to laugh when I read this piece from today regarding the combine:

Interviews per player ranged from a handful of teams up to 28 different franchises. The consensus among those surveyed was that Boston and Columbus were the most intimidating – Boston because of rapid-fire questions from all sides of the table, plus the presence of Cam Neely; and Columbus because they had as many as 15 people in the room (the average team would be four to six). As for most comforting teams, the answers were spread out, but Florida received multiple votes.

15 people?! Priest is gonna have heart failure when he sees that expense report!

On a serious note it just goes to show how much Howson and his staff value the draft. In a market the size of Columbus they must hit on their picks so this is a very good thing.

Also be sure to check out Bob Hunter's blog post today. He's posted a bunch of email responses to his column the other day about the arena situation. Very good read.


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