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Saturday, June 27, 2009

More with Moore

I'm estatic the Jackets were able to land John Moore. Just a great pick and I loved Scott Howson's aggressivenes on the draft floor.

Howson also moved up to the 2nd round today and grabbed a kid by the name of Kevin Lynch out of the USNTP with the 56th overall pick.

Lynch is a 6'1" 190lb center who is ranked #100 on Central Scouting's rankings. He notched 18g, 19a for 37p in 54 games last year. The only downside is he'll be playing for Michigan next season.

That makes two yanks with the Jackets first two picks.

I'll have much more on the draft over the next couple of days.



eplagge said...

Love the Moore pickup... I believe Howsen didn't think Moore or some of the other guys would still be there when 16 came around so he traded down and got a great deal from the NYI.... excelent move.. of course when Moore was still available later he had to move down... don't know much about Lynch... but our Scouts liked him a lot, so I say let's trust them...

Can you believe the Flyers ??? I know Pronger will make this Flyer team a lot better.. he obviously brings something that they were missing ... but at what enormous cost ?? And furthermore am I the only one who thinks that the Flyers are good but they weren't 1 or 2 pieces away from a Stanley cup run... Pronger is nice... but this team still isn't going to go past the 2nd round..

BTW... now that the Flames have the trading right to J-BO... does anyone know what the Flames are up to ?? Are they shopping Dion Phaneuf if they can sign J-BO ??

BZArcher said...

The flames may have to lose Phaneuf to fit J-Bo. I think it's pretty much a given that Cammalleri is gone, too.

Wouldn't mind seeing either of those guys in Union Blue if the right deal presented itself.