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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mike Ratchuck highlights

I'll have some comments on the deal that was made Tuesday to bring Mike Ratchuck into the Blue Jackets system but for now here are some highlights via youtube:



the Jester said...

me-wonders what Legein will do with a change of scenery. I remember Ratchuck from MSU. Good acquisition, I believe. It helps un-clog a little of the forward jam we have going on and brings in a solid D man who has US experience.

LTL said...

I've been trying to find the time to post on this and just haven't been able too..

I could see this being a win-win... the part I like the best about this deal is that Legein was a Howson pick... one of "his" guys... yet Howson showed no hesitation in dealing him.

I've been waiting to see how Howson would handle one of his picks that didn't exactly pan out the way he hoped. He had no problem cutting loose MacLean's guys but would the story change when it was one of his?

Now we know.

What this move shows me is that unlike the previous administration Howson can and will detach himself from emotion or trying to "prove" every move or draft pick he makes is good. Obviously he identified Legein as expendable, was patient and when the right player became available he pulled the player.

He turned him into another asset that addresses an organizational need. Hard to argue with that.

I don't know squat about this Ratchuk player other than he's a converted d-man who offensive upside.

It's all business with one goal in mind and that's making the Jackets the best they can be.

I think this move will do Legein good to get a change of scenery as well and wish him luck.


Max said...

All his highlight videos look the same. He's going to have to get used to passing to get the puck out of the zone, I think. He's no Dion Phanuef!

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