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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


That little beauty was just sent in from Ryan. Check out this piece from the article:

The Blue Jackets have good depth and better-than-average skill at the forward position. The defense is slightly below average and the goaltending is young. Young goaltending is like a 19-year-old Hollywood actress or pop star; it doesn't always end well. I don't think Steve Mason will be partying like a rock star with Shop Boyz, Pitbull and Lindsay Lohan in West Hollywood, so there is hope. Hopefully, his idea of a good time is a late-night run to the Polaris Waffle House in central Ohio with Derick Brassard and the valedictorian of Heidelberg University.

You can find the rest of Buccigross' comments here.

FTR - I'm a frequent visitor to that Polaris Waffle House.....good eats...especially around saaaay 2 in the mornin ;)



Max said...

That's a good read. I like John Buccigross. He injects a little humor with some great hockey analysis. Too bad he couldn't replace Rimmer this season...

Matt said...

When I saw this I thought it said he DOES go to the Polaris Waffle House. I became excited because I'm there just about every Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Jackets hockey and the All-Star Special... could there be a sexier combo?

Mase1 said...

Interesting Heidelberg drop from Bucci, LTL-Nation: Bucci is a grad of the 'Berg.

Yep, I just wish it were him writing full-time for the 4-letter (ESPN, for those who didn't get it), instead of Bumside
(I refuse to say that A-Hole's last name, correctly)

RE: Burns-dork - little known fact about Bum-rush - he's a Ottawa native, went to undergrad there, so, who does he only give props to? Uh, that would be all things Leafs, Sens, Habs and O-6 teams. So, get in line - all the other non-Canadian teams and non-O-6ers get crapped on by "his brilliance", all the time.

Case in point - Burndork predicted the CBJ to finish 13th in the Western, last year, and even thru the last week of the season (3 days before they qualified) he said they wouldn't make it - THAT'S how massive his ego is.

Other case in point - his "analysis" of the CBJ, for this year. Here, I'll shorten it up, for you: Uh, Brass, Jake, and Mase will have spph slumps - they suck - I'm done...IDIOT!

CBJ_Nut said...

LTL and Readers: Good interview article on Michael Peca at:

Still has his skates hanging in the closet, but doesn't seem to be hurting too much. Good luck, Michael.