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Friday, October 2, 2009

Andrei Markov . . . out, Manny Malhotra . . . out of sync

If you haven't heard yet, All-Star defenseman Andrei Markov will be out for the next four months This is a huge blow for the Canadiens and it will be interesting to see if GM Bob Gainey makes a move to replace him. Markov had a career high 64 points last year (as a Jackets fan you gotta love the sound of a 64-point Dman)

Ive been watching hockey non-stop these last two days and its been great. And former Jacket Manny Malhotra didnt have quite the opening game he probably wanted. After turning down a 4 year-$8 million deal from Atlanta, he ends up signing for only $700,000. Then last night in his first game, his team is down and without momentum and he makes a huge gaffe and turns the puck over in his own zone with a terrible pass. The Avs score on it and go on to win 5-2. When I witness what transpired over the summer and watch him play last night, I thank my lucky stars we have a solid GM and didn't overpay to keep him here. I wish him well, but kudos to Howson and just goes to prove that we have a helluva GM here in our own backyard.


CBJ_Nut said...

LTL: I saw Manny's gaffe as well. Wonder how his new fans feel about that? He did have some good moments, however. I wish him well. Good guy. But, hopefully, Pahlsson will demonstrate that Howson made the better deal overall.

(BTW: We got a new _large_ screen HDTV this summer and have been waiting to see how hockey appears on that. WOW! It's like being on the ice with the players. Much better than our smaller version. Now, I wish all Jackets games would be in HD.)

JuneyMoon said...

I also enjoyed watching Heatley shamble around and end up -3.

MattTheMask said...

@CBJ Nut

It would be great if all the Jackets were in HD, agree with you there. I believe we are getting a big increase in HD games if Im not mistaken. We are getting at least 50 of them right? This is more than double from last year I believe.

Mase1 said...


Way to come back to the posting fold!

Good riddance, MM! Best thing that ever happened! His current salary, or maybe a smidge (around $1.1 million - see Marty Reasoner - times more ability, same $1.1 mill price) under would have been fine, but MM, and ESPECIALLY his agent, were lights-out delusional.

MM was the leader of the "land of misfit forwards" - 1 more misfit to go, but I digress, I don't want to name names (already have) and don't want to start off another firestorm (even so, truth hurts, naysayers!)

Anyway, MTM rules! MTM lives! And, Wings fan, MTM KILLS!!!!

Drop the puck, already!!!!

rallen6469 said...

Good post Matt, the loss of Markov to the Canadien club cannot be understated. His loss for so long has playoff implications for the Habs.

As for Manny, in his case he should have gone for "show me the money" and faded away. I like him a lot but he made a mistake.