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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thank you, sir! May I have another?

The Jackets delivered yet another win last night. That puts them at an eye popping 5-1 record.

Staggering really.

..and if you listen to Hitch they aren't even close to playing at their best yet.

That's incredible news if you're a Jackets fan!

Could the Jackets be flirting with being one of the NHL's elite teams this season? It's still early and there is a ton of hockey left to be played, but it's lookin good so far!!

vs. LA
Score: Jackets 4 Kings 1

* Chimera with another barn burner of a rip bellowing down that left wing. That was a big goal late in the period that turned the tide in this game. Nice all around game from him. Pretty cool he go one on a big night for the Ryan Salmon's family. Funny how these things work out eh?

* Want to know what it looks like when a player is reaching his prime? Just watch Rick Nash. Guy is playing phenomenal hockey and once again carrying this team offensively. That goal was a beauty but he's just been unbelievable, especially short handed.

* Jackets give up the first goal... doesn't matter.... as this team no longer get's rattled by such happenings.

* A clean shaven Rick Nash looked like he's 17.

* Tyutin did a nice job absorbing some of those Hejda minutes logging 24+ in all situations... Roy, Stralman and Methot did as well. Really just a solid outing by everyone on the blueline.

* I grow more impressed with Stralman by the game... he really does a nice job skating pucks out of trouble.

* PK picture perfect again.

* If this is the kind of production we can expect healthy Raffi Torres then we are all in for a helluva season by 14. The guy just changes games.. be it by hits (how bout that one on Moller), timely goals or drawing penalties. Gonna be hard not to give this guy a hard look at re-signing if he keeps this pace up.

* Salmon's jersey behind the bench - nice touch!

* To all the little kids out there who are either fighting or have beaten cancer -- this win is for you!

* Another timely PP goal to give the Jackets the lead for good.. enough can't be said about getting those.

* Jackets managed the game really well in the 3rd... they took advantage of a tired LA squad who was playing their 3rd game in 4 nights.

* Jackets 60% in the dot let by Vermette (79%) and Pahlsson (62%).

* Wings lose again in a shootout...

* Bad first goal by Mase... but he rebounded to have a good game.. especially in that 3rd period.

* Just over 15k in attendance on the Sat night. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be one of those. By all accounts the upper bowl was full but it's those lower bowl seats at $70 a pop that are the problem.

* Jackets got another PP goal but they really had problems penetrating the o-zone with puck possession. We are talkin about the 29th worst PK in the league.

* Russ with a helper, 18+ minutes, 2 hits, 2 shots.... Howson needs to announce these signings more often before games.

* Nice to see Voracek get an empty net goal and I hope that get's him going but I tend to agree with Hitch... the Jackets need a lot more offensive production out of everyone not named Nash in that top 6. Defensively they've been solid but that's not enough. Brass, Vermette, Voracek, Juice and Umberger all had quiet nights.

* Brass has yet to find that gear that made him so successful last season.

* Matt the Mask was so under the weather that a trip to the ER was made so he couldn't make it. LTL had previous family commitments. When the only red lights that I can think of are this it was a great night for the good guys!

* Jackets make it 3 in a row!
* Chimera and Torres turn tide
* Hat for Heroes!



Max said...

This is the reason I was so excited when we traded for Torres. I remember the cup run the Oilers made. He was a huge part of that team. I'd love if we could resign him. The only problem is progress. We've got a bunch of kids in the system that kind of fit his mold.

If we don't sign Torres, I wish him the best of luck. He's the kind of player we here in Columbus learn to love. Blue collar, rough, mean SOBs tend to find their way into the hearts of fans here. Raffi Torres is no exception, and I'm a fan of him.

I agree with Hitch, the team is NOT playing that great. Yes, we're 5-1, but let's be honest: no goals from Brass, and only an EN from Voracek? I'm sure they'll get with it, but it can't come soon enough!

the Jester said...

Best game I've seen in a while from the boys. Mase was fairly solid on rebounds and Methot was a beast all over the place. And oh yeah, that hit by Torres? I jumped out of my seat and cheered! Devestation! If we play games like that all year we are going to roll right through this year.

Stralman impresses me too. Great move Howson!

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