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Friday, October 16, 2009

This and that

Got an email from some fellow D leaugers and CBJ fans that they have started a new blog. It's called Jackets Required. Be sure to check it out here.

Rick Gethin of The Hockey Writers discusses Unfamiliar Territory. A good read you can find here.

Peter points us to the Sharks web site and Jody Shelley's blog.

Last Friday, sitting in my stall, fresh off the ice from a high paced practice, I scanned the room to see who I could converse with. Me, at the ripe age of 33, was in the locker room with Staubitz, Demers, Ferriero, Greiss and McGinn, the young lads. These guys are all staying at the hotel and have mentioned on a few occasions how they have a tough time staying busy throughout the day and how they can even become a bit bored.

Aha! I could help them out!! With an 11 month old at home who goes to bed at 8 and wakes up 10 to 12 hours later, I figured what a gig . . . babysitting for the Shelleys while we (myself and my wife Mandy) went to see Couples Retreat. Genius!!

We could put junior to bed, head to the theater for the 8:45 showing, be back by 11:00 and the "sitter" was done. The lucky winner could watch TV, surf the net, raid the fridge, talk on the phone, whatever they want. Plus the offer of 12 bucks an hour was on the table. What a proposal!

Gotta love Jody.. even as a Shark.

Here's one for ya. Did you know that hockey is making a comeback in the Hallmark X-mas ornanment lineup?

The lucky player.....? Sidney Crosby.

Hallmark used to release a new hockey player every year.. but they stopped making them a few year's back... I assume due to the fact they weren't selling. Perhaps this is another subtle little sign that the NHL is finding its way back into the American mainstream.

Regardless I'll break down and buy one to add to the ole man-tree (complete with the Stanley Cup topper...c'mon -- every man needs one!)... Not a big fan of the Penguins but the Wings they ain't...

Now just get me one with 61 on the back.

This was sent in by Chris and it's a Globe & Mail article called "Blue Jackets Sold On Hitch".

As Chris says there isn't a whole lot new but always great to see the Jackets getting some positive press.

The Men's Hockey Buckeye's dropped their 3rd game in a row to #3 ranked Denver last night by a final of 2-0. They'll get one more crack at Denver tonight at Nationwide.

What a nightmare opening to their season. This game is a must win if they hope to salvage something this year.

Check out this new article from Ed over at It's all about the glut of fowards in Columbus.

Did you know the central division used to be referred to as "Comedy Central'? Hadn't heard that before the boys mentioned it on Jackets post game show on Tuesday.

That certainly isn't surprising considering how bad that division was for a long time... but damn, why couldn't I think of that!

As I stated earlier... bare with me on the posts over the next few days. Working away on the new and (hopefully) improved home for LTL.


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