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Monday, October 12, 2009

Join the NHL Fan Association!!

Interested in having a voice in matters relating to the NHL?

If so, then you should consider joining the NHLFA. Here is their pitch according to their official web site:

The NHLFA was established in 1998 to give average hockey fans across North America an affordable (that is, free!) way to express their views on the NHL. We all recognize that hockey today is first, big business and second, sport. It's the fans who keep this business afloat. But of all the interest groups involved in hockey, fans are generally at the bottom of the pecking order, while paying top dollar at the ticket office, the concession booth and the souvenir store.

The National Hockey League and owners have Gary Bettman as their representative; the players have (vacant), Executive Director of the NHLPA; the fans have very little representation. The NHLFA aims to change that and to give fans a voice in the future of the NHL.

The NHLFA is governed by a four person board of directors in Ottawa. Our primary means of elevating the collective voice of hockey fans is through our yearly Fan Report poll, which is made available only to Members. The poll (and other mini-polls) give Members the opportunity to comment on a wide variety of issues related to NHL hockey, players, rules and operations. Those results are then provided to the Members and to the media, the NHL and the NHLPA.

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman acknowledges our Association and we both agree that if the NHLFA purports to represent NHL fans we should continue to increase our membership numbers. We cannot afford traditional advertising to reach prospective Members, so we must rely on word-of-mouth promotion to reach hockey fans. Our Members have worked very hard at spreading the word and getting their friends and relatives to join with us.

After more than ten years in operation, the NHLFA still does not charge for membership. We continue to pursue corporate sponsors to defray costs, to keep membership free and to allow us to expand our Association. Please consider joining our team (click the Registration link on the left navigation menu) and please help spread the word about the NHLFA to your friends and family.

Currently there are over 30,000 members.

Thanks to Woody for the heads up on this!!

Also received a heads up from Mike over at the R Bar that RDS out of Canada will be at the bar for pre-game tomorrow.

Those who aren't familiar, RDS is like a french ESPN of the Quebec province in Canada. They primarily cover the Montreal Canadiens. Obvioulsy they'll be doing some Calgary Flames coverage tomorrow.

I'll post more details as they become available.



MattTheMask said...
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MattTheMask said...

Time to show RDS that Columbus is a hockey town! Move over Detroit! You're done!