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Monday, October 5, 2009

Ping pong

Sorry for the delay in my review of last night's game... let's just say it was a looong night on Saturday.

In typical Jackets/Wild fashion there wasn't a whole lot of scoring but there certainly was a whole lot of strong defensive play and waiting to see who blinks first.

In the end it was the Jackets who prevailed off of goals by RJ Umberger and newly extended Rusty Kelsla that propelled the Jackets to their first win of the season.

vs. Minnesota
Jackets 2 Wild 1

* It wasn't the most exciting game with a lot of back/forth but hey, two points is two points. With 3 tough roadies up next this was a must have and the Jackets found a way to have it.

* The RJ Umberger shorty was huge... his move to score was sweet but that play doesn't happen without Andrew Murray and Marc Methot's strong play on the boards that eventually led to springing RJ for a the opportunity.

* Sign a new contract -- score a game winning goal. Perhaps Howson should dish these out more often right before games? Seriously though Klesla was an absolutely rock... he looks like he's taking off right where he left off in the playoffs. Was great to see him hit the net and score that key goal. Good for him.

* Something big I personally took away from this game was how many players on this team have the potential to play the hero on any given night this season. The team is deep with difference makers and we are going to see a lot of different heroes throughout the season. That's gotta make a guy like Rick Nash feel pretty good that he doesn't have to do it all every night.

* Speaking of Nash.. I know he didn't get on the score sheet but that defensive play he made behind the net with seconds left to go was tremendous and really shows how far he's come as a 2 way force. That play was as good as a goal in my book... maybe even better.

* ..who doesn't like magnet night? ..and who else collects these things from every season? I know I'm not the only one. A nice touch this year was the Donatos coupons.

* Mase turned away 32 of the 33 shots he faced. He was good... so was Backstrom for the Wild. My only minor beef with Mase is his rebound control doesn't look as sharp yet as last season but that should improve.

* Umberger-Pahlsson-Chimera line was surprisingly solid all night.

* R Bar was absolutely packed and the adult pops were flowing... and a big green light for the new picture they just had framed. It's one that I hold very close to my heart.

* Sold out Nationwide Arena. What is even more impressive about this sell out was that it came on a night Ohio State football played (even if it was away) and there was a home Crew game. I had my doubts but thrilled to see Jackets fans representin!

* I don't recall a lot of replays but then again I wasn't the sharpest knife in the stands on this night (damn you stingers!).

* That Pahlsson interference calls could have went either way. The bottom line though is the Jackets found a way to kill it off at a key moment of the game. That's the sign of a good squad.

* The Filatov-Vermette-Voracek line had it's moments... imagine if that shot Filatov rang off the post went in? Don't worry about Hitch sitting him in the 3rd -- remember he did the same to Brassard and Voracek early last season. This kid is going to be fine.

* Ditto for the Huselius-Brass-Nash line... certainly some kinks to work out and Juice definitely doesn't look up to speed but once these 3 click -- look out NHL. Nash was oooh so close to a goal in front of that cage.

* Not a bad 14 minutes of play from Mathieu Roy. He didn't look out of place at all.

* Surprised there was no fisticuffs between these two. There were plenty of hits and aggressive physical play though. Teams were gettin after it.

* Hejda was his normal "black hole" self. Most eyebrow raising stat of the night - he led all Jackets with 5 shots. Not so eyebrow raising - he finished a +1.

* So far I'm 0 for 2 in my bold predictions. Not only was the game a sellout but it's obvious now that Rusty isn't goin anywhere at the deadline. Sometimes it's great to be wrong!

* New entrance song by the Hives "Tick Tick Boom" blew. Who picks this stuff?

* I don't remember any quality chances coming from the PP -- especially on that 4 min PP. It's time like those the Jackets have to make other team's pay. If you recall the Wild got back into this game with their PP score in the 3rd.

1. Klesla game winner
2. Umberger and PK unit come up big with shorthanded tally
3. Sold out Nat!!

Jackets are back at it tonight with a huge challenge against the 0-2 Vancouver Canucks. I'll have a gamebox a little later.



Stephen said...

Watching Hitch stare down Filatov after the silly penalty was priceless. That was the last Filly touched the ice all night. Got to learn not to take stupid penalties in the 3rd period of close games. Having Raffi able to step into his place shows his value, as well as the teams depth, and flexibility.

Great to see Mase receive, and acknowledge, a standing ovation in the 1st period.

I agree about many contributors on the roster. Great teams have different players step up when least expected.

Matt said...

I only went to 2 games last year, and I know I heard the same 'tick tick boom' entry song last year. If I remember right, I heard the players chose the entrance song.

Thats not want I dislike. I hate that there are no (a next to no) replays. It sure would have been nice to see those 2 shots that rang the post. I thought I was watching FSN for a second... lol

CBJ_Nut said...

I guess when one of the few complaints/concerns is the entry music, we are off to a good start,eh? Great game (and I didn't have any stingers either although I started the evening in the same place you did, LTL).

Glad Rusty got an extention. I know some out there aren't happy with this, but he seems now to be reaching his potential. How fitting that he got the game-winning goal on this big day for hom. I think it also sends a good message to other players about Howson's loyalty to guy's like Rusty. I know it is all about winning (and it should be), but having this connection with the start of the franchise is a good thing, too.

Other then the entry music (I still kind of like "Woman"), I think the game ops are SLOWLY getting the message, maybe from blogs like this. Less juvenile junk on the jumbotron and more hockey-related stuff (replays, etc). Yes, we will most likely have "Kiss Cam" until the place folds, but the fans seem to like that. It is okay if appropriately placed. (Maybe the only time some couples get affectionate LOL)

Good stuff. GO JACKETS!!

roadman said...

Thought the transition from defense to offense was quicker than last year. We seemed much more aggressive in getting up the ice, whether it was carrying the puck or an outlet pass. There was a lot less hesitation in shooting, granted we could stand to have a few more on net, but we still ended up with 39 shots. PP still needs work.

Barga said...

Quick question, what was Matt (the mask) yelling during the game?

ABCs of Columbus Sports - All about the Buckeyes, Blue Jackets, and Clippers!

Barga said...

Filatov was also pulled because he was slowing down, though the penalty had a lot to do with it. I expect that he will be getting better.

Roy, you thought he played well? I really though he should have been taken out early on, the kid sucked.

I agree with the Nash thing near the end, amazing dive to keep the Jackets in the lead

ABCs of Columbus Sports - All about the Buckeyes, Blue Jackets, and Clippers!

LTL said...

Really.. why did you think he sucked Barga?

In terms of a callup I thought he played well. Was strong on the puck.. had a few hits.. no give-aways.. made the safe play.. he was servicable which is what my expectations for him were.

..and you guys know me.. it's about the complete game experience on this baby! Although I should have given myself a red light for having too many "adult pops"... ooops.

I also met a bunch of folks at the R I hadn't met before... and had some very interesting conversations on top of it. You guys/gals rock!

Great comments as always!


TSS said...

I seriously don't get why they ever changed the entrance music in the first place. Machinehead was pretty much synonymous with blue jackets hockey, and a great pump up song, there was absolutely no need to switch songs. Other than that GREAT 2 points for the jackets and I can't wait to up up until 1 am tonight watching them get another 2 in Vancouver!

Barga said...

From my seat he looked slow and made many mistakes. Granted, for a callup, he did well enough

that said, watching him last night, I think I judged too quickly