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Friday, October 9, 2009

Help get NHL Network on Insight Cable!

I received this email from Zach regarding Insight Cable's position on adding the NHL Network:

I have a situation I thought you might be able to help with...I can't get the NHL network on Insight Cable. Obviously, this doesn't impact my ability to watch the Jackets, but we live in an NHL market?! Shouldn't we be able to watch the NHL Network? I suspect there is something about this in the Constitution. I've copied an e-mail response I received from their customer service department today.

Here is Insight Cable's response to Zach:

Good Morning,
Thank you for your inquiry. We have no plans at this time to add NHL Network. I have added a request to your account. These channels are usually added when we see a large want from our customer base. You are able to watch the games in HD on channel 929. Please check out .
Thank you,

Quality Assurance

3770 E. Livingston Ave.
Columbus, Oh 43227

Apparently, they need a lot of people to request the network. Click this link to contact them on their online form.

As Zach said, that's a joke considering we live in a NHL market and quite frankly if that is their response I'm lookin for alternatives.

Speaking of alternatives I got an update from Lane who is a Columbus DirectTV subscriber who called and got Center Ice for free as the dispute between them and Versus rages on:

...wanted to follow up with you about the versus/DTV thing. Just got off the phone w/ DTV and got the entire season of center ice without even barely saying 'boo'. Also when, and if, they do come to terms w/ Versus i'll have both i.e. the center ice won't go away until the end of the season.

Not bad - quite pleased, as i always have been, w/ DTV.

I think this DirectTV/Versus deal will eventually get worked out but until then they are taking steps to make it up to their customers by providing related programming free of charge. That is how you keep customers happy -- sounds like Insight could learn a thing or two.

Thanks for the emails guys!


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