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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jackets Win The Stanley Cup!!!!

Matt The Mask (MTM) here, you know the Jason guy. Wanted to let you know Gary Bettman has canceled the season and awarded your CBJ Lord Stanley!

I got the following from over on HFboards, courtesy of Fred Glover:

The NHL commisioner, Gary Bettman, today announced that the Columbus Blue Jackets have won the Stanley Cup for the 2009-2010 hockey season. In light of the recent developments regarding the Nobel Peace Prize, the commisioner thought it only appropriate that the Blue Jackets be awarded the Cup, based, not on anything the team has done, but because of what MIGHT happen in the future. Jon Mirasty accepted the award for the team, who did not want to touch the Cup. Instead, the team wished to compete for the award on the ice. Some fans in Columbus were delirous with joy, others were ambivalent, hoping instead that Ohio State would be awarded the National Championship for the 2009 football campaign, utilizing the same criteria.

Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! I laughed my rear end off on that one! GO JACKETS! Game time in 6 hours!


CBJ_Nut said...

Great post,!! Like the part about not wanting to touch The Cup but to actually win it instead. I wonder if Obama refuses to touch the medal wanting to actually accomplish something first!!!!!

Barga said...

your season seats are near mine, and I find that funny

that said, what the hell were you yelling during opening night

MattTheMask said...

@ Barga

Good ole section 108 right?? Mostly "Lets Go Jackets chants". I did a few classic, hockey goalie chants. Taunt the goalie by saying his last name in a drawn out mocking way. So for the opener it was "Baaacckkkstrooommm" over and over again.

The Blue Hair Guy or as LTL refers to him, the BHG was sitting next to me. We tried a new chant once, where he would make a horn noise then I would yell C-B-J! Didnt catch on and we didnt try it again.

Sound familiar?

Barga said...

Actually, I am in 110, but good enough. I am the youngest person who bought their own seats, so I am easy to tell apart

Idk what you were yelling, your friends started with what sounded like grunts, then you yelled. We were trying to figure out what it was, but all gave up

fyi, still think that they should give out free CBJ masks on the fri/13th game

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MattTheMask said...

Yeah that was the new chant, BHG decided to try. We made a road trip with about 20 Jacket Backers , of which I am the Marketing Chair, to Carolina to watch our Jackets spank the 'Canes. They did this chant down their with a horn, beep-beep-beep, then everyone would go, Lets Go Canes. But the Jackets were dominating and we were loud and proud. And we would cover up their chants with C-B-J.

So on the home opener, the BHG and I decided to give it a whirl. Didnt really catch on hahahaha. BHG did his best horn impression (both of us under the influence) and I would yell CBJ. Eh, maybe one day it will catch on and we will have a new chant.

Checked out your site man, I love Columbus! Nice work!

Barga said...

I don't suggest doing it again. It sounded either like a dying walrus or one of my exes, and I dont know which is worse

thanks for the compliment. The site has me in the pressbox for CBJ when i want (which is never) and always for clippers and that sort.