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Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 2 Power Rankings: A new beginning

Power rankings are back! For those that are new and haven't seen this before this is just a collection of rankings from the major NHL sites out there that I combine for one "meta-rank".

Some of these folks are out lunch (see Burnside at ESPN) but it makes for a good read none-the-less.

Technically this is the 2nd week of the season so off we go!
Rank: 22
Not a lot of leeway in their division this season with St. Louis on the rise, Chicago on fire and Detroit still being Detroit.
Rank: 10
Good early signs with Steve Mason already on his game, and another important piece -- the last original Blue Jacket -- Rostislav Klesla locked up for the long term.
Rank: 7
(1.000) -- Rostislav Klesla, who signed a new deal with Columbus right before the start of the regular season, proved his worth to the club immediately, scoring the game-winner in the team's opener against Minnesota. Klesla hadn't potted a game-decider since Dec. 29, 2007.
Rank: 8
Picking up where they left off last season.
Rank: 15
Columbus Blue Jackets The Blue Jackets will be a tough team to play every night because of Ken Hitchcock’s system and Steve Mason’s(notes) solid goaltending. Look for Columbus to finish third in the division and eighth in the West.
Rank: 11
Seven of remaining 11 October games are on the road

Meta-rank: 12.2

The high being FoxSports at 7 while the low being ESPN at 22. Obviously Burnside isn't a believer but to have the Jackets at 22 out of the gate with a 2-0 record... hey to each his own.



Paul said...

I find it comical that ESPN has the audacity to act as experts by publishing a Power Ranking list. If they aired even one game a week or devoted more than 30 seconds of Sportscenter to hockey then I might take them seriously. Until then their opinion means nothing.

Barga said...

keep in mind that ESPNs is after our first game

Mase1 said...

No, LTL makes a point - if you need more proof, look at Bumside's "rankings", all thru last year.

Worst, laziest journalist, out there - heck, even I-I-I-I got him beat (lol)...

Bumrush is to journalism what Mike Milbury - THE WORST GM OF ALL TIME!!! - is to Hockey GMatude....