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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thoughts on last night's game?

I was out of town last night so I haven't been able to watch the 'yotes game yet. I plan on doing so this afternoon.

In the meantime if anyone has any thoughts on the 3-1 loss I'd love to hear them below.

I saw that once again a rookie got on the scoreboard and that once again we got in big time penalty trouble early.

Fire away in the comments.



Anonymous said...

Huselius was not good. Tyutin played a subpar game. Chimera had handful of turnovers. Our wheels were not there toward the end of the third. We quit playing physical. Overall not our best performance.

Brassard was great. Nash was a presense all game (two straight breakaway misses). Voracek looked good, as did Dorsett. I feel like we lost a lot of faceoffs and that hurt us in puck control.

Anonymous said...

The team misses Peca and Malhotra.

They are not yet in sync. The dumb penalties are the best indicator. Makes sense as they have been together for a really short period of time, and nearly 1/2 the team is new. I think that it'll just take some time...hopefully not too get it together.

The fatigue factor of 2 road games in 2 nights probably didn't help.

Also, does anyone get the sense that we're playing to the level of our opponents? We played quite tough against the Stars, then we lose it against the 'yotes. Sigh.

We'll get it together. Hitch knows what he's doing.

Anonymous said...

Good: Leclaire, Brassard

Bad: Defense

Ugly: Turnovers & penalties

If Nash could have scored on one of the two SH breakaways he had, we might've had enough in the tank to tie it up.

Matt said...

Too many penalties. Not enough Peca.

Rick said...

I think the team is really feeling the absense of both Peca & Malhotra. Especially the intangibles of Peca.

lamdeveg said...

The speed of Phoenix was a big factor...the lack of tape to tape passes looked like last years team...the presence in front of net just wasn't there...the point men kept letting shots trickle out of zone...the Phoenix forecheck had us hurrying too often. A down night all around for our boys, let's hope the chinese firedrill doesn't continue!!!

Anonymous said...

Team stunk, period. Played at opponents level like always.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with those that say they played to the level of the opponent. We made too many dumb penalties. Those are correctable. But they sunk us last night, we overcame them with a supreme effort against Dallas. We were naturally not as juiced for game 2 as for game 1, and so didn't have the supreme effort to overcome the mistakes. Again, these are correctable. Aree with those that say we missed Peca, but that isn't the end of it all. We are in the game without the penalties, and then who knows? Brassard looked great! Nice goal. We better get used to playing without Peca, because the 10 games looks real, no matter how correct he was to complain about the non-call. That's just the way its gonna be. I really like how this team looks so far, but its obvious we are going to play better later in the year once everyone gets used to playing with each other. That part really shows.