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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Penalties kill Jackets

First off - thanks for all the comments on the game last night.

I was finally able to watch the playback tonight on the DVR.


* I absolutely loved Derek Dorsett in this game. It was a great debut and if this kid can keep it up game and game out its going to be hard not to keep him in the lineup. He played his physical agitating style but his hands are much better than I thought they would be as well. What's up with the cheap shots from Yandel -- would have love to see Dorsett give this guy a wake up call if the refs would have let em go.

* Rick Nash had a really strong game. Yes I know he missed those two shorthanded break-aways but overall he made a difference just about every shift he was out there which unfortunately could not be said about Umberger or Huselius.

* Derick Brassard and Jakub Voracek continue to impress and their ice time is increasing because of it. Brass had 15+ minutes and Voracek had over 12. These two seems to create opportunities every shift. Quite frankly I'd like to see what Nash could do with these two although Chimmer is playing pretty well.

* Speaking of Chimmer...he racked up another assist. He's really getting involved out there in scrums and such which is good to see.

* You could maybe argue Leclaire should have had that 3rd goal from the point (never really could tell if it got tipped) but he's making the saves he should --- he just isn't making those game changing stops yet which can really take the wind out of the opposition's sails. Still he's played pretty well the first 2 games.

* The Jackets collectively won 54% of their faceoffs but it just seemed they weren't winning the "big" ones.

* After a down right horrendous first period I thought the Jackets played decent in the 2nd and 3rd.

* Brass's goal was a PP goal which I believe is the first of the year.

* Kris Russell continued to play well. Heck I thought Backman was decent as well but he has got to start getting shots through -- he was credited for none again last night.

* The Jackets lost this game because of penalties. They escaped in Dallas but couldn't against Phoenix. Its a disturbing trends that started in the pre-season and has continued early into the regular season --- the constant 2 men downs situations have got to end if the Jackets hope to contend.

* Refs were b-r-u-t-a-l last night. Some of the calls were warranted but that call on Boll for breathing on Carcillo who then dropped like a wet rag was horrendous. So was the call on Brass for hooking when all he did was stick check the guy. Then of course the missed elbow to the head on do you miss that when you've called all this tic tacky crap all game?

*Not much from Huselius, Umberger or Modin last night..

*PK allowed to more PP goals.. granted one was 2 men down.

* Defensively it seemed we were getting caught out of position quite a bit. We don't look as sharp at that part of the game as compared to last year when the team got off to a nice start.

1. Dorsett. I thought he had a great NHL debut. This kid can play at this level and is a great fit on the 4th line.
2. Brass... this guy just looks like he's having a blast every time he plays. He's showing great quickness and is shooting the puck (he had 5 shots last night). His two goals is already more than Gilbert Brule had in 61 games last season.
3. Nash. I thought he played well and had chances although his linemates were quiet...was really snake bit.

The Jackets dug themselves a big hole early and weren't able to dig themselves out. Penalties are killing this team right now and the PK hasn't been able to bail them out yet.

Still the team grabbed 1 win out of back to back opening nights on the road.....sure who didn't want two W's but I'll take it and move on. They have plenty of work to do to shore up parts of their game (especially staying disciplined) before they take on the Sharks Tuesday night.

I still think if they can grab at least a point against the Sharks that this trip could be considered a successful one heading into home opener against Nashville on Friday.



Max said...

LTL I forgot about the Boll call. Did they ever find the sniper?! And I'm still not sure how Dorsett got a penalty after Yodel gave him 5 cheap shots (go back and count 'em, a slash, two brutal cross checks, and tow punches to the face) before grabbing his head while someone grabbed his other end. Kinda like Boll getting a roughing when 4 Stars mob him lol.

You're right though. They absolutely HAVE to stay out of the box on Tuesday.

wally said...

I think LeClaire did alright... Even if he had stopped that 3rd goal, it's still a 2-1 loss. Maybe he needs to learn how to score because no one else is going to do it.

Erik said...

Yep LTL what a beginning...

First off, the referees have been absolutely awful... what really irritates me is when they start compensating.. when they get a call from Toronto during an intermission and suddenly start calling everything when they were silent in the first or vice versa... The refs need to call it as they see it, and not fluctuate or give make up calls..

Secondly, we are taking too many penalties.. if we start that way in San Jose we are going to be toast..

Thirdly, the goat line has been the best line in both games... great job from Jake, Brass and Chimmer... (I was very very wrong about this lineup)...

BTW why is Modin on the 4th, he really hasn't looked great.

The Peca call is just bad luck, these refs should have seen the kicking motion from Morrow.. check the replay he lifts his foot and trips/kicks him...

Anyhow, it was obvious the Dallas game was a drainer. They didn't look sharp in the B2B with Phoenix... In my opinion, we could have beaten them if we were more rested and took less penalties..

The SJ game is going to be really though, with the depth chart being tested early and SJ trying to get off to a quick start..

Let's go Jackets.

soultrain said...

Just an FYI, the you tube video of the Peca incident is finally up. Not great quality, but you can see where he grabs the arm of the ref to talk to him, the unfortunate part is you can't see the exchange at the box which I think is where the allegid stick hit happened.

soultrain said...
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