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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nash part of TSN's opening hockey vid

Check this out:

I think its hilarious that Nash was paired up with Phaneuf considering how hard those two battle each other during the season.

Again great exposure for the Jackets...and man I still love those jerseys..they just pop! Kind of interesting that Rick is the only one wearing an away white jersey -- I guess TSN loves those as well!



Erik said...

Wow, what a bad night.. I personally thought they were very competitive with SJ except for the unbelievable mistakes.. To sum it up, out of the 5 goals for SJ, 4 were predatory goals, where the sharks capitalized on our mistakes. I counted 2 goals from miscommunication between LeClaire and the Defense, 1 Goal from a Defense-to-Defense miscommunication and 1 goal where they weren't able to clear the puck for a line change allowing SJ to match up Marleau and Thornton against the Dorsett line. Hitch needs to get the Defense in sync, or we are going to be in big trouble, granted SJ is probably one of the best teams in the NHL when it comes to capitalizing on defensive mistakes, but still. I really like the potential of this team but we need to iron out the wrinkles quickly... teams don't move much in standings after a month or 2 of Hockey.. unless there are injuries or other external factors.. I think we are close, but we need to get our heads on straight..

LTL said...

Good post Erik.. agree 100%.