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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Programming alert: Jackets Leafs game live stream link

If you want to watch the game click on this link.

...and oh yeah, Filatov already notched his first goal of the pre-season!



LTL said...

I'm off to my own game so if anything of note happens feel free to post!


Scott S said...

Filatov has a goal, and notches the game winner in the shootout. Stat wise it looks like he made a pretty good case to make the team. 1 goal, the only shootout goal, 3 shots and an even plus/minus. Not bad for a russian rookie playing in only his second game. Jake also had a strong game with a goal and an assist. Altogether sounds like a strong game from our two rookies.

wizworm said...

The hit of the night is a toss up between Tollfesen on Blake or the ref on Chimera!

Chris said...

wizworm - ref on Chimera for sure.

The biggest thing that impressed me about Filatov was during his post game interview he mentioned that he thought he played poorly and knew he needed to improve. What a great attitude! Better than another Russian we had recently :)