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Friday, October 3, 2008

Jackets pull it out

The Jackets improved to 3-4 on the pre-season after dominating (well minus a 2:30 second span they'd quickly like to forget in the 2nd) a Minnesota team that had been 4-1 in the pre-season coming into tonight's tilt.

They almost let this one get away though after going up 3-0 early which fashioned meltdowns of yesteryear but they kept plugging away and were able to pull this one out in the 3rd off a Kris Russell game winner.

I missed most of the first period live as I was late arriving but I did catch most of it on the radio.


* I mean what else can you say, the Jackets absolutely dominated the majority of this game. For the most part all cylinders were a go tonight. In fact I've seen pin-ball machines less tilted for most of this one.

* Nash-Umberger-Huselius. They looked real good and real dangerous. In no way/shape/form did I think Huselius would be half the player we've seen this pre-season. I'm not sure Nash knows what to do quite yet playing with this skilled of a player who uses his teammates so incredibly well. He's figuring it out pretty quickly.

* How about those hands on Huselius' goal. Wow!

* Kris Russell probably played the best game as a Jacket I have seen from him (well the best 2 periods anyways!). He played over 21 mintues of quality time including 5+ minutes on the PP. He kept playes alive, jumped into holes, skated the puck well, notched a the game winner and finished a +1.

* Holy hip check. We finally got to see the famed Tyutin hip check! Man is this guy good or what? He led all players in minutes played with 24... he's real good along the boards and doesn't lose a lot of battles although he did have a couple of turnovers.

* Here's a quetion. We were that good or was Minnesota that bad? I've seen Minnesota play a lot and I've never seem them quite *that* bad. Color me jaded or whatever (hey after 7 losing seasons its hard shake) but hopefully we are just *that* good because this team was all over them last night....winning lose pucks, winning board battles, making solid tape to tape passes, hitting, sticking up for one another. It was a great!

* I want to give a shout out to the Jackets ushers this year in pre-season. In year's past they've acould be a little rediculous with the seating restrictions but this year they've been great and very fan friendly. Kudos.

* From what I saw of Leclaire he was decent besides that 2:30 stretch. Even then really the only goal you could pin on him was the mis-communication between he and Rome on the 3rd goal. He got streamrolled there pretty good and the Jackets pulled him (apparently a slight twist of the ankle) for pre-cautionary reasons. Norrena came in and looked miles better than he did the night before which is encouraging.

* The Jackets PP got moving as they potted two PP goals. Alot of that from having some puck movers back in the lineup on the backend and a lot of that from that line of Nash-Umberger-Huselius.

* Blowing a 3 goal lead and giving up those 3 goals in less than a 2:30 span... pre-season, new players, bad breaks, adult league, regular season, give-aways, whatever...whenever... you can't have it and expect to win most nights. The Jackets got away with it last night and grabbed the 'W' which is the key but I think about everyone in the arena thought the bottom was going to completely fall out once Minny tied it.

* Penalites are one thing but the giving up those extended two man advantages hurts. Need to do a better job there.

* Nothing special from crowd attendance tonight. I hope they can get this home opener sold out!

* Umberger with a slash on his finger, Leclaire with a twisted ankle and it looked like Boll aggrevated something out there (hopefully not the hand). Hitch said on the post game that all should be fine by the opener which was a relief. Not sure about the rest of ya but I'm ready to get to call this puppy a pre-season and get on with it.

1. Jackets came to play tonight. Outside of that 2:30 they really took it to this Minnesota Wild team.
2. Nash with a hatty of assists, Umberger and Huselius each with a goal and helper.. yeah, I think that line had a good night!
3. Russell with a fantastic night all the way around.

No Nash-Umberger-Huselius for Toronto on Sunday night according to Hitch on the post game. Those boys are getting a rest until opening night. Modin and Peca will be in the lineup and I presume the same for Filatov.

I didn't think any of the "boarderline" players had bad nights tonight but I would imagine cuts are coming maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Remember the NHL season kicks off today at noon with the Rangers taking on the Lighting in Prague on the NHL Network.

On a side note, it appeared a pedestrian was hit after the game crossing Nationwide Blvd after the game. Not the sight your expecting to see after a game and my sincere well wishes to those involved and that everything tuns out okay. Early reports are that the injuries are "not life threatening".


1 comment:

BZArcher said...

GREAT game. Not the team's best technical performance by a long shot, but really entertaining to watch the entire time, especially when Tyutin started unloading hip-checks in the 3rd period. Seeing Mary-Anne go ass over teakettle at center ice was worth my $20 right there.

I disagree a bit about the crowd. I thought they got a lot louder and a lot more engaged than in the other pre-season games I went to, particularly in the 3rd period when the building started to put a lot of noise out there during the power plays and the faceoffs in the Jackets zone.

I'm really curious if we have a Nash-Brassard-Juice or Nash-Umberger-Juice top line for the opening game in Dallas. Both combinations have been electric.