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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh its Nasty

Saw this posted over on HF -- its one of Nasty's fights from last night:

This dude is somethin.



Pub said...

Did you see the surprise left he landed after he put his hand up to the crowd? WOWOWO.

Max said...

What a showman. Not quite sure if that's such a good thing, but damn if he can't throw some punches. Dude's brave, I'll give him that. And fun to watch. Great fight!

LTL said...

Yeah I'm not down with the antics as much but I love the way he fights.... he just gets right up in there, takes some blows to give them and seems to fire equally as well with both hands.


Anonymous said...

We need some excitement like this at Nationwide. The games I've been to are stale and this energizes the crowd. We decreasing attendance, something needs to change, like more scoring and some respect (from the ref's and Toronto).

D said...

The kind of excitement we need at Nationwide is great hockey leading to winning games, that's what will draw consistent crowds. This fight is absurd and a disgrace to the game; I'm ready for the striptease down to the jock strap already.