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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Be sure to grab a Dispatch today!

If your a die hard CBJ fan then this is the day you don't want to miss grabbing a copy of the Dispatch.

They boys have once again out done themselves.

Of course you can catch just about all of it online but there is just something about reading a Jackets only pull out section that just feels right.

I will say Tom Reed's article titled "The Anonymittyville Horror" is a big time downer but at the same time its honest reporting about the state of the Jackets and how they are viewed outside of Columbus. It just further drives home the point about how important this season is to this franchise.

I think the big question out there right now is what will the reaction be once this team starts winning? That will be the ultimate measure as to the viability of this franchise in this market. It sure would be nice to find out.

Did you know the Jackets were 29th in revenue from their local TV deal? Who negotiated that deal...Doug MacLean? On the flip side they are 15th in corporate sponsorship and 18th in team merchandise. Its all in their coverage today!

Lots of other more upbeat coverage including Michael Arace's prediction that the "Overlooked Jackets will make the playoffs".

Outstanding job once again Dispatch team!!

The Jackets web site announced that 37 of the Jackets 75 games will be broadcast in HD. That is a step up from 24 last season. Its definitely better but I won't be completely satisfied until all of these babies are in high definition!

Don't forget the NHL opens its North American season tonight in Detroit as they take on the Leafs. The game can be viewed in the states on Versus. Don't forget to set those fantasy lineups!!

The Thrashers unveiled their 3rd jerseys yesterday. Reminds me more of a football jersey than a hockey one. I would assume that is the audience they are trying to reach with this look.

Spector predicts the Jackets to miss the playoffs:

Columbus Blue Jackets. This past summer saw management make several significant roster changes, notably not re-signing Ron Hainsey and trading away winger Nikolai Zherdev while acquiring Kristian Huselius, Mike Commodore, Raffi Torres, R.J. Umberger and Fedor Tyutin. The moves bolstered their defensive and left wing depth but the Blue Jackets still lack a top puck-moving defenseman and quality depth at center. Franchise player Rick Nash will again carry the offensive load and Pascal LeClaire will provide them strong goaltending. The Blue Jackets should be better than they were a year ago but they're unlikely to make the playoffs this season.

No surpirse here as he decides not to mention any potential help the Jackets could receive from young blue chippers Brassard, Voracek and Filatov. Do these writers do this on purpose to drive home their points or are they just not aware of these kids?

Puck-daddy predicts the Jackets to finish 3rd in the Central:

My heart breaks for the Blue Jackets, who would be a playoff team in the East and still could be one in the West if the defense carries them. The fact that Rick Nash still doesn't have a No. 1 center to play with is a crime against the Hockey Gods.

I predict by mid-season Derek Brassard will be that #1 center for Rick Nash to play with.

The Jackets certainly have their work cut out for them but I think the gap from top to bottom in the West this year is going to get significantly tighter. The only locks I see are Detroit, Dallas and San Jose -- after that I think its wide open.



DJ Davy B said...
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DJ Davy B said...

No wonder our revenue is so far down. Take a look at this chart.

LTL said...

Hey DJ.. the link didn't post in its entirety. Can you try to post it again?


Anonymous said...

It's late 2008 and analog TV as we know it is nearly extinct. The majority of people now own HD televisions that make standard definition broadcasts look grainy and unfocused (especially sports and especially fast moving hockey games). It is absurd that not every CBJ game is broadcast in HD. Every OSU Football game is in HD, but not Columbus’ professional NHL team?? It just makes me mad when I have to watch a SD broadcast of hockey on my HDTV. Is there any reason besides greed that these games aren’t all broadcast in HD?

LTL, great work this pre-season.. I’m an everyday reader… Thanks for the work you’ve put in.

Go Jackets!

Mike D.

BZArcher said...

Anon - one reason that not all games are in HD is simply that FSN couldn't support as much HD previously. From news articles I saw last year, until 2008, they only had -6- HD broadcast trucks for the entire FSN network.

Not just Ohio. NATIONWIDE.

So that meant that 6 events, period, would be in HD that night, and the rest were out of luck. As I understand it, FSN has been working like crazy to get more trucks in, and I'm guessing it's going to keep improving until all the games are in HD.

Also remember that all those HD OSU football games are mostly carried on ABC/ESPN....yet one more reason we need hockey on ESPN again!

The Dispatch today was awesome. My parents have been asking about the team for the first time that I can ever recall, and I called them and suggested they go out and buy a copy to use as a primer for the team

LTL said...

Thanks for the kudos anonymous..!


FlaggerX said...

At least Puck Daddy left the idea of us making it open. Like many, they're not counting on anything from our rookies.

My opinion. I've seen those kids and seen how much Russell is improving. I think the Jackets are serving crow this season, and a whole lot of pundits can eat it.