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Monday, October 6, 2008


In case you haven't seen this yet:



Anonymous said...

Hey ltl, I was just wondering a few things. First, I havn't been able to find highlights for any of the preseason games and would love to, have you found any? And also, you always ay your going to the r-bar and different blue jackets locales, but how would I know it's you? I wanna talk some hockey, so could you maybe put a picture of yourself up?

LTL said...

Hey anonymous,

Shoot me an email at and I'll shoot you back a pic. Would be happy to talk hockey with you anytime!

Unfortunatly the only highlights I've seen were from the poster that pointed us towards the Leafs site. The Jackets lack of coverage of actual pre-season games (they've had some nice off ice features/coverage) on their NHL TV channel has been dissapointing to say the least.


Max said...

OKT looks to be in prime form after that smash and fight. Boy he sent Blake to next week! Who the heck did Manny bodyslam and lie on top of? I thought that was pretty funny, then Tolle added to the dogpile. I'm pumped now. Quick question... will there be anywhere near as much fighting as in the preseason? I sure hope so, I'd be happy with half the fights...

Pub said...

Was that Manny who jumped in at the end as well? Cant really tell...looks like 27.

LTL said...

Historically you don't typically see as many fights in the regular season as you do in pre-season as there are a lot of bubble players looking to make impressions.

That said the Jackets had the 2nd most fights in pre-season coming in at 17 behind the Ducks' 18. In fact the top 5 teams were Western Conference teams.

Last year the Jackets were 5th overall in the league in fights with 58.

So bottom line, while you won't quite see the amount of fights as you would in pre-season fight fans rest assured that the Jackets will certainly have their fair share this season.

All stats grabbed from <<---great site!