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Monday, October 27, 2008

Good for a laugh

A poster over on HF posted this in regards to a prediction for tonight's game and I thought I'd share it here:

Blue Jackets Score 9 times but the Ducks win 9-0. Everytime the Blue Jackets score Toronto reviews it and can't decide if its a good goal so the other 3 on ice officials decide to award the Ducks a goal.

Peca gets suspended for farting near a ref.

Nash scores on a break away against Freddy.

Freddy post a shutout.




Anonymous said... has a video feature about the war room.

Filmed Saturday night and has the Nash "non" goal in the background

Sean said...

Wow. I don't have cable, so I listen to all of the games on the radio. At the start of the third, the wife says, "You don't seem all fired up this evening." and I said, "that's because we're actually going to win this one."

Wow. Maybe you could address the following questions:

1) Just like the stock market, Where is the Bottom here? When do we have a loss so frustrating that we finally turn-it around and rally?

2) What does this team look like when Modin and Torres are healthy? Who gets less ice time, I hope it is not Brassard or Voracek.

3) Why can't we finish a game?

4) What will it take to string together about 12 good periods and get a true winning-streak going?

thanks, LTL.

LTL said...


I'm so damn frustated about this team right now I don't even know where to start.

10k at Nationwide tonight...ugh.. and you know what, I don't blame people for not showing up after 8 years of this kind of play.

You know me though, I'll take a stab in the morning..thanks for the comment.


Mattlund said...

The attendance has me worried.

Nothing is being done to improve it as of yet.

Should I be panicking yet, LTL? I'd like to see your thoughts in a future blog post on the issue.

erik said...

LTL/fellow LTL readers,

I present you this Hitch quote from the dispatch this morning:

""I hope the players are like I am, frustrated and (ticked) off. To play this well and then give it away if I was them, I'd be frustrated and really (ticked). That's how we want them to be when they show up for practice (today). If they're down, then we don't really want them around."

WTF, I am lost for words... however I would like to say we can't blame Norrena, he was OK tonight.
I think the Hitch quote says it all, we are back to playing old school Jackets Hockey.... I can't even begin to describe the frustration...

colin said...

wow.. that was so frustrating to watch to see them play so well then just give it away. i thought freddy played pretty well and brassard was the best player on the ice. he could have had 3 assists in the 1st period.

Wally said...

Freddy has a lot of heart and you could see it after the game. I don't know if it's a Hitch philosophy to hang on for a win, or even a tie? Our guys are NOT GOOD UNDER PRESSURE, so expecting them to remain cool during a 3rd period barrage is insane. I am sick of seeing them stuck in the defensive zone and falling apart.

As far as the "Old Blue Jackets"... how is this even possible? They changed coaches. And players. And it finally came down to getting rid of Doug. Everything has turned over and it's still the same? Doesn't make sense.

If anything, they need to start capitalizing on all of their missed opportunities. The tying goal gave them a boost that lasted until the 3rd. It's obvious to me that this club can never be content. Not even for a minute.

LTL said...


To me there is no question its time to panic. Sure we'll get the "its still early" and the "lets get some injured players back" BS excuses. As Portzline said in the Dispatch -- nobody and I mean NO fan out there wants to hear that rerun at this point including me.

After 8 years and yet another terrible start...only 10k in the building... everybody should panicking from the die hards like us to the GM Scott Howson..

I'll post more about it in a bit.


Jeremy said...

Man I have to say being one of the 10K in the building that Freddie was not alright! He may have looked like he had a decent game only giving up 3 goals, but there were multiple shots that he had no idea where the puck was and if the shots would have been on net it would have been a goal! I say if the Ducks hit the net on half of the shots that were not on goal that the score would have be 6-2!

I am past frustrated at this point. I have been a season ticket holder the past 3 years since I returned to C-bus and I cannot take the fact that the team is not playing well and I am spending thousands of dollars for seats I could get at half price on game nights!

If they dont turn it around and with the economy in the dump this may be my last year for the three seats I currently own!