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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pre-game thoughts: Jackets try to stop the bleeding

The Jackets are win less over their past 3 games. They've managed to scored just 4 goals in that span. The powerplay has been powerless going some 0 for the past 19 chances with the man advantage.

They are off to a way to familiar poor start and quite frankly even the die hards of the die hards are starting to feel apathetic and time and time again this team comes up empty handed.

...and it doesn't get any easier tonight.

The Jackets will face a streaking Avalance squad in Colorado tonight. A place where they have won just once in their 7 year on ice History. The Jackets have won just once on the road in 4 tries this season.

The 5-4 Avalanche had a 5 game winning streak snapped by Calgary on Tuesday night -- in fact they were shut out. Certainly they will view the Jackets as a nice opportunity to bounce back. They are lead by Paul Statsny who has 11 points in 9 games.

* Got to get the PP converting again. Its been as cold as the Columbus weather lately.

* Got to get #61 playing up to his capabilities. Its been mentioned that his move to center is more of a wake up call to get him back in the game more than anything else. Hopefully we see the alarm ringing.

* Kids keep on churning. Brassard has been our best player these past few games. Voracek is right there with him. They'll need to keep it going.

* No mental errors. With the offense sputtering the way it has, the Jackets can't afford any mental mistakes that give games away that we've seen recently. Make the safe play if nothing is there.

* The Avalanche can flat out bring the 'O'. They are 6th in the Western Conference in goals scored with 30. They have 3 lines that can score. Hejduk leads the team with 6 tallies. Once again, everybody needs to buy in to slow them down.

* Norrena must be better than Budaj and the Jackets must be able to take advantage of some weaknesses in the Avalanche net. Budaj has a .889 Save% and 2.99 GAA -- both are below average numbers (of course Norrena is worse in both categories .885 & 3.56).

* Colorado possesses the 11th best PP in the league vs. the Jackets' 22nd. The Jackets check in with the 10th best PK versus 27th for Colorado. Whoever wins the battle of special teams wins this game.

* Veterans have to play. No more nights off. No more coasting. The young guys are paying the price...the vets have no excuses.

Lots of story lines to choose from. Nash in the center which I wouldn't anticipate lasting long, if at all. First game against the quitter in Foote. 3 game losing streak. Fans jumping ship faster than the Titanic. Brass and Voracek right in the rookie points chase.

I thought the game against Anaheim was a must win so I'm not sure what to call this one. The Jackets have to prove they want it -- they have to fight through the bad calls, the injuries and the doubters. Nobody is going to do it for them, they have to get it done on the ice themselves.

Can the turnaround start tonight? Its up to the boys in Union Blue.

Quite frankly I'd like to see nothing more than for the Jackets stick their big ole Foote up the Pepsi Center's ass for this one.




Anonymous said...

im a little worried that the boys in union blue will worry about # 52 too much ... kinda tha same way they tend to about a certain # 22 from nashville... they pay too much attention to him and the rest of his team kills us...

i am hopefull for tonight though...

they know what the situation is...


Anonymous said...

Gotta get out there and win this.


BZArcher said...

I think things are gonna be all right.

LTL said...

Not to be to much of a pessimist but 20 more minutes to go BZ.

They are looking great thus far.

C'mon Jackets don't let us down!


Max said...

Looks good. I don't want to jinx it but it looks like most of the team is gelling now. The defense is looking better. Freddy seems to like the new goal-tending coach