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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Secret Weapon

Hitch goin nuclear?

Heck with this team's inability to score I wouldn't be surprised.

On a serious note we've all read in the Dispatch that Hitch has something "up his sleeve" planned and has even closed off practice to work on it.

So the question everyone is asking is what is it?

If you take what puck-rakers said this morning regarding the Jackets working a couple of "new wrinkles" in their powerplay you have to think that is where the secret lies.

We also have to remember here that Hitch is not giving up on this season. He is pulling out all the stops. We know he likes to think out of the box (remember Z at center anyone) so I think anything goes here.

We know it won't be a change up in lines -- he does that every game. Everyone is healthy so nothing new there. Nash already got the 'C' so that wouldn't be a surprise now. So what could it be?

If I had to guess, I'd say he's looking to utilize Nash or Zherdev, who have been non-factors for the most part lately on the PP, in new ways. Maybe try one of those guys at the point? Or maybe both at the point?

The plus is that both can handle the biscuit and in Z's case he sees the ice better than anyone on the team and can create space for himself in a shoebox while maintaining possession. The problems I have with that idea is that neither have big slapshots - or if they do, they hardly use them and that is how a lot of offense is generated from the point. They also are well, offensemen -- so the chance for a shorthanded goal against sky rockets.

Still judging by Hitch's comments he knows its risk taking time if the Jackets have any hope of staying in the hunt. One point won't do it and that's all the Jackets have been able to muster up lately mostly do to their horrible offense and even worse PP.

Of course if that's not it then maybe he pulls the goalie for a 6th man on the PP? Or perhaps he just changes up the PP personnel all together? Puts a guy like Tarnstrom down low or on the half wall? Or slips somethin into the refs water bottles while they aren't lookin?

Guess we'll find out tomorrow.


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