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Friday, March 7, 2008

Jackets make it 7 losses in a row at home..

Shots: CBJ 31 OIL 17 - check

Jackets outplay Edmonton - check

Powerplay produces zilch - check

Jackets fail to score more than one goal - check

Jackets lose 7th game at home in OT - check

That has been the recipe lately for the Jackets. For the fourth game in a row the CBJ outplayed their opposition. For the 3rd game in a row they've lost. In that stretch they've collected 4 points in 4 games but if only that offense could generate somethin...anything....

If only....and you can tell by the Hitch's comments and body language in the post game presser that he's about boiled over with this team's lack of productivity offensively. He knows as well as the rest of us that its a talent problem at this point b/c I'm sure a team can work much harder...they just lack they finishing and playmaking skill.

Trust us Hitch we feel ya....its been this way ever since the CBJ came into existence. Fortunately though this year at least you've got the team competing hard every night and playing air tight defensively which is at least keeping us in game. That offense I just want to beat myself over the head with a frying pan watchin them trying to create something.

So this center thing has been bad...real bad...that's nothing new...but I'm not sure it was ever quite as bad as tonight and that is saying something... I mean I really really felt bad for Nasher.... I don't think anyone hit him with a pass in stride all night long.... Malhotra the #1 center -- now where did I put that frying pan?

Lit it up

Team came to play again. They outplayed, outhit and outshot the Oil. The defense and competitive level was there, they just can't friggan create any offense.

Rusty Klesla, Ron Hainsey and Jan Hejda. I thought they were our best players tonight and did their jobs defensively. into the game early and set a good tone.

True fans showed up tonight and you guys actually sounded louder than most crowds double that size.

Dim the light

Once again the offense's failure to score put the pressure firmly on the shoulders of Leclaire to be perfect. Both goals he let in were stoppable but both were from good positions with good hard shots. Anytime a goalie only allows one goal in regulation that team should win - hands down.

I thought Brule had another decent game....pulled over 13 mins of ice time, had a couple of shots, a couple of hard hits and drew a penalty. This kid desperately needs a goal.

The team finally got a late goal to keep them in it....then of course the guy who scored it - Dan Fritsche - commits the turnover late in the game that led to the OT winner....

Busted bulbs

Offense. Really I think its at rock bottom....could it possibly get any lower? Sure its getting shots but some are from the side of the net... some are weak ones from the point...nobody getting in front of the net.. no quick puck movement...nobody can get Rick Nash the puck... Nik Zherdev can only do so much when his teammates can't get open for him...

Powerplay.... seriously, just decline the penalties next time fellas...its looks THAT bad..

Vyborny... they should just bench this guy and give someone like Pinneault a cup of coffee... Vyborny has completely lost it. I know Hitch won't do it b/c he's a veteran and respected in the locker room but damn is he ineffective.

The Jackets only took two penalties, but they allowed the 26th ranked PP to score on one of those.

Losing another game in OT. They just couldn't capture the momentum off that late goal and a bad turnover led to the game winner. Jackets are now 5-11 in OT -- just imagine if they had won half of those OT games where they could be in the standings.

3 bright lights on the night

1. Klesla, Hainsey and Hejda - did their jobs defensively tonight
2. Game tying goal with 1 sec remaining - Fritsche finally put one home
3. Real fans in the house - braved the elements and went out to support the home...they were good and loud considering the number as well

Howson has some serious work to do this summer to fix this offense....if ownership doesn't open the wallets and if Howson doesn't bring in some help we can probably kiss Hitch goodbye next year.....Nash may reach the point of frustration where he wants out...and then Z will be a RFA and could force a trade.....then of course Howson needs to get Leclaire signed before someone offers some rediculous offer sheet...

I don't even want to think about what the crowds would be like if all that happened.

So yeah, no pressure Howson.

Up next is Tampa on Sunday at 3 p.m.


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Bethany said...

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate the way we played. I'm getting tired of not scoring.